Ghost Hunting Blog At Cannon Hall, Barnsley, With Simply Ghost Nights, 15th November 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ever paranormal investigation at the elegant Cannon Hall in Barnsley and how the spirits duly entertained our ghost hunters at Cannon Hall. Before describing the catalogue of ghostly occurrences our guests witnessed and heard we must firstly thank Jane and her team at Cannon Hall for helping with the running of the event and allowing Simply Ghost Nights to hold an event at Cannon Hall. With a full house of ghost hunters all ready and willing to commence their adventure into the spirit world at Cannon Hall. After a brief introduction and a thorough explanation of the equipment by our team leader Jez it was time to begin the event with a large group vigil in the exquisite panelled room. With such a large group we held the group vigil for only a matter of minutes before splitting into smaller groups and attempting spirit communication at Cannon Hall.   Rosey and Lesley both described a vigil in the library when the K2 was regularly spiking to red, Rosey and several guests also reported seeing shadows moving by the window and in the corner of the room as well as this there was loads of taps on table and scratching underneath and the table was moving between all the guests in the vigil, however the group all screamed when a toy cat bell Lesley had placed near the table suddenly began to chime as though it had been moved by invisible hands. Alas no one had kicked and everyone heard it. Mark and Andy described a vigil in the library where in a human pendulum guests were literally dropping like flies, with one after another suddenly feeling ill, or dizzy and with care and attention each guest was taken out of the room and would recover moments later after leaving the library. Andy also mentioned a vigil in the upstairs rooms where a group of ghost hunters experienced table tipping and tapping on request as well.    Phil and Stuart spoke of how a number of guests experienced their own names been called out via the Franks box to their amazement, also they mentioned that a group of ghost hunters were impressed by a table tipping experiment also in the library.      Lesley added that in a small vigil a group of guest's were using an Ouija board when they made spirit contact with a man called Graham who claimed to have worked there and was a senior member of staff. Graham had a dislike for women although he was married and  had nine children. He was happy working here and his wife was called Diane who was a servant there as well.   Jez and Sam added that a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a former resident of Cannon hall called Jenny who claimed to have worked in the kitchen area while on the earth plane, both Jez and Sam added that  Jenny admitted that she couldn't read but was happy to communicate via the yes and no on the Ouija board.     Also in the kitchen Stuart and Phil spoke of how some of guests watched a bizarre light move around the room and disappear as quickly as it had come. The group could find no evidence of an incoming light or any other way that a light source could have moved around the room as it did.   Once more that clock had beaten us and it was time to make our way home, safe in the knowledge that the spirits of Cannon Hall had communicated with our ghost hunters.