Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Doncaster Air Museum, 26th September 2015

Ghost Hunting Blog At Doncaster Air Museum, 26th September 2015

As we arrived at the Doncaster Air Museum we were greeted by the ever friendly Alan the guardian of the museum, as Stuart, Rosey, and the team laid out the buffet for the night's event we all spoke of our excitement at once again returning to the Doncaster Air museum. As our full house of ghost hunters arrived and were treated to a tour of the museum and all its buildings by Alan it was then time for the paranormal investigation to begin. In hanger 19 with Rosey and Lesley a group were having a lot of fun whilst communicating with the spirits Edward and Andy who tend to come through quite often, when suddenly they all heard several very loud clear metallic bangs from the aircrafts. and also heard what could be described as a metal tool like a spanner being dropped in the corner of the hanger. the group also experienced some good table movement. A spirit on the table took a liking to a female guest and worked well with her. He told us he was called Dave and was a 19 year old pilot. He wanted the group to leave the guest there for him . A shadow was also seen moving behind one of the planes in the same region the loud metallic tap was heard In the main hanger lots of footsteps and metallic taps heard around the hangar. Lots of shadows seen moving around the Falkland area display. A guest felt as though someone was stood behind him. Felt very uneasy. The table once again started to jump in quite sudden but definite movement and cold draughts felt even though the hangar temperature plummeted. loud scratching was clearly heard coming from under the table. Some guests felt they were being watched and felt so uneasy requested to leave the area. Hanger 21 - Guests were left astounded when the table continuously hopped from one leg to another. whilst also bouncing violently all round the room. Temperature fluctuations were also reported. Great k2 activity. The REM pod went off in the corner of the room a few times . The group were working with the children that we had worked with on a previous visit. They really seem to enjoy moving the table especially when promised a chocolate biscuit. As our exciting return to Doncaster Air Museum came to an end everyone was flying high with the array of paranormal activity we had witnessed and heard, once again we must thank Alan for helping in ensuring the event ran so smoothly.