Ghost Hunting Blog At Margam Castle, 17th October 2015

The Simply Ghost Nights team were really excited to be returning once more to Wales to Margam castle, the building stands majestically in Margam Park looking out towards Port Talbot. On our previous events at Margam castle they have been nothing short of phenomenal with the amount of paranormal activity our brave ghost hunters have witnessed.    After a brief welcome to our guests it was time to take part in the group vigil which was quite active with three K2 meters spiking and many of the guests reporting being touched and hearing the sounds of footsteps from an adjoining room. In a vigil in the old nursery with Rosey and Lesley there was tapping heard on the table, taps were also heard around the room. One guest said they saw a flash of light in the room next door. We started communicating with children who we believed to be in the rafters. We asked them to tap slowly and they responded exactly and then quickly and again the response was exact. They were also able to copy tunes we tapped out . Several blustery draughts were experienced by guests . as well as being touched.   The room appeared to be going very dark then light again which we've had before. We also heard a clock ticking intermittently which was also heard by Stuart's group in this area. But he highlight of the vigil had to be a stone thrown at high speed which ricocheted of a door that a guest was sat beside. It had obviously beef thrown with some force to hit the door that hard and make a noise that loud. All the guests screamed and several nearly vaulted the table.  we asked them to do it again and another stone was thrown but with not so much force as the first.   Stuart and Jez mentioned a vigil in the nursery where guests made spirit contact with a female resident called Charlotte, who informed the group via the glass that she had worked in the Castle and had enjoyed her job in the house. The group asked her to tap on the table during a seance and Charlotte duly obliged tapping on request.  In another vigil in one of the huge living rooms - it was felt that the children from the nursery had followed us down as tapping coming from by the window. They made exactly the same tapping noises as they did upstairs. the K2 was spiking to red on command the and table moving to named guests. Once again cold blustery draughts experienced. We had noticed the spirits of Margam Castle to be quite reluctant to communicate with the English and had far better response from spirit when asked in a welsh accent.   Kev and Chris spoke of how guests and team alike reported hearing heavy footsteps and loud banging noises on the floor in the dining room when stood in the drawing room. Extraneous noise form other vigils was ruled out by visual inspection and confirmed by guests with sound enhancers and those remaining without. Chris and 2 reported shadow figures in the bay of the large window and we all heard a door which was ajar bang hard. Neither caretaker nor other team member could have been entering from where we all initially assembled on the old kitchen In a vigil with Chris and Kev guests requested the use of sound enhancers, night vision and spirit box, guests started with glass divination, to the astonishment the name Pete Shepherd was spelt out on the board, guests and team established this was a former "English" worker of Margam Castle. Whilst conducting the séance both Ovilus and franks box where operating simultaneously. Guests and team called out to connect with the any spirit present. Most surprisingly, and to the amazement of Chris Kev and guests the surname "White" was clearly given. More interestingly this was repeated twice through the use of the same equipment.  Upstairs - started off quite a quiet vigil. but after a while a stone was heard in being thrown in the room and although we looked everywhere we could not find it, it was no where near as forceful as the last one in the nursery, but it seemed to get the adrenalin flowing amongst the guests which in turn seemed to get more activity in general as we started to get a few taps heard on the table on request.  We decided to try the Ovilus and this was a great success as it repeated a few names back and shocked our guests when we asked do you want us to leave? we got the reply... F off   We decided to take the spirits advice as time had sadly run out at Margam Castle.