Ghost Hunting Blog At Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 11th October 2014

Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of the teams favourite locations Ryecroft Hall in Manchester, this building as had such a varied life, from a family house, hospital and now it is in the hands of the local council authority. The night began with a brief informative talk in respect of how the night would run and the equipment our brave ghost hunters would be using on their ghost hunting event at Ryecroft Hall. In the group vigil in the main hall downstairs Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium made spiritual contact with a spirt called Alan, Stuart described Alan and many ghost hunters claimed to have feelings of been watched and two of our ghost hunters Kirsty and Diane inexplicably began to cry for no apparent reason, could this have been Alan effecting Kirsty and Diane. Also the group heard some loud banging from an empty and adjoining room, this tapping lasted only briefly but still had the group astounded. With all this going off it was decided to break up into smaller groups and delve into the ghostly past of Ryecroft Hall. In the Ballroom with Rosey and Lesley they spoke at length about table tapping on request on the table and one of guests affected by a spirit called Arthur who she felt had lost his legs and was a patient at Ryecroft. She said he was very sad and kept putting his conditions on her, he would move the table to her on request and then away again. As well as this Rosey and Lesley both mentioned that the Rem pod went off twice on request. Colin a sensitive reckoned it was Emily a little girl who was drowned in the grounds. Chris, Jez and Stuart described a vigil in the cellars where a group of ghost hunters heard tapping on the table on request which was that loud Chris and Jez heard from about four metres away. In this vigil the group experienced some credible K2 spiking on request as well from the spirit world. Also at one point the whole group heard significantly loud footsteps from the corridors and when we went to investigate there was no one there. Lesley and Rosey discussed their vigil in the cellar and that was really active as well with the K2 going off on request and once again the Rem pod played a tune when the group tapped out on table. Both shadows and light analogies were witnessed as well and Lesley and a guest both saw a figure stood behind another guest as the Rem pod went off. At the same time the guest reported feeling as if someone was stood behind him as hairs on back of his neck stood up and he felt icy blast on back of his neck. Rosey and Sarah both said that they felt as if they kept getting touched and another guest had her shoulder touched. Phil and Sam discussed the table tipping they had witnessed in the cellars with a group of ghost hunters, they spoke about how the group enjoyed the tipping towards each and everyone of the guests, Jez also mentioned a vigil in the ballroom where the table tipped towards each of the participants in turn. Once more we were beaten by the clock and as we packed away the equipment and spoke about what had happened during the course of the event, the spirit world had provided our guests with some fantastic table work, Franks box examples, the REM pods had been set off, guests and team had seen dark shadows and one group even saw a spirit face in front of their eyes.