Ghost Hunting Blog At St. Catherine's Former Hospital, With Simply Ghost Nights, 31st October & 1st November 2014

This ghost hunting blog is for two nights of paranormal investigating with so much activity on the two nights we have condensed the blog so not to make it into a novel. With both events been Halloween events we put some streamers over some pipes in the cellars just to give the cellars a little makeover, however in two vigils on the separate nights  Lesley, Chris, Paul, Andy, and Stuart all spoke of how bizarrely the streamers at one point started to literally dance from the pipes like a puppet on strings into the faces of both sets of guests who were stood around the nearby table.   On both occasions no draught was found in the cellars and no other way of anyone inadvertently causing the scene could be found and it only happened the once on both nights and it freaked all the guests who witnessed both the incidents. Lesley and Chris commented how in a vigil in one of the upstairs rooms where a group of ghost hunters made contact with a spirit child called Edward, who enthralled the group by answering all the groups questions via the ouija board, Edward answered that he had lived there when it was a hospital and that he had died there as well. Stuart and Mark mentioned that a group of ghost hunters had made spirit communication with a spirit called Geoffrey, the group managed to find out from Geoffrey via the glass that he had worked at the Hall, and that he had been married to Jennifer who also lived at the house, Geoffrey informed the group that he had passed over to spirit at the age of 38 years old.   Jez commented on a table tapping experiment where the group were tapping on the table and getting the exact taps repeated back to them on request, Jez also explained that when he scratched under the table the scratching was repeated back   almost instantly. In one vigil with Stuart, Gaz and Phil a group of ghost hunters had the pleasure of hearing their names repeated back to them via the Franks box, Phil an Stuart added that in one of the downstairs corridors four ghost hunters all hysterically claiming to have seen a figure through their night vision goggles, with all four describing the very same figure.   All in all it was a great two days of paranormal investigating at St. Catherine's former hospital, our guests were treated to K2 spiking, table tipping and table tapping, as well as some great responses via the Franks box. The Simply Ghost Nights team are so looking forward to our next adventure to St. Catherine's Former Hospital on the 5th December 2014.