Ghost Hunting Blog At St. Catherine's Former Mental Hospital, Doncaster, 8th May 2015

On the 8th of May Simply Ghost Nights returned to St. Catherine's House, a former private house and mental hospital. On our previous visits St. Catherine's house the spirits have certainly entertained our guests. With a full house of ghost hunters all ready for the paranormal investigation to begin it was time for the night to start. The event began with a quick chat and a run through the ghost hunting equipment with Jez. We moved onto the group vigil in the red room where we formed two circles and the strange thing to occur in this vigil was that our guests in both circles all saw and described the same figure walking around the room. With all this in mind we decided to break up into smaller groups and begin our ghost hunting event at St. Catherine's house. In a vigil in the kitchen with Gary and Treena they described how a group of ghost hunters heard tapping come back to them exactly how they tapped on the table, Gary explained the group would tap a pattern out on the table and the identical pattern would be repeated back. Stuart and Jez reported a vigil on the top floor where the group spilt into two smaller groups to attempt spirit communication, Jez spoke of his vigil where a female spirit came through the glass on the ouija board claiming to be one of the Banks family members who had lived in the house when it was built. In Stuarts vigil during a seance on  the ouija board the group made contact with a spirit called Beatrice who said that she had worked at St. Catherine's while it was a hospital as a nurse. Mark and Phil described a table tapping experiment in the downstairs welcome room and they made spirit contact with a male spirit called Cecil when using the glass, they described how Cecil answered yes and no to the groups questions and they learned that Cecil used to work at St. Catherine's as well. Rosey and Lesley mentioned a vigil in the kitchen where a group of ghost hunters sampled the ghostly residents moving the table to each of the participants on the table and on request as well. Rosey described how in this vigil the REM pod would go off without explanation. In the cellars stuart and Jez stated that a group of guests had witnessed the table rock backwards and  forwards in a table tipping experiment. Rosey and Lesley reported the same incident with another group in the welcome room as well. With ghostly communication via the Franks box and the K2's spiking as well it was quite an eventful night too.