Ghost Hunting Blog At St. Catherine's Former Mental Institution, Doncaster, 9th January 2015

This is Simply Ghost Nights blog about our ghost hunting return to St. Catherine's the former mental institution in Doncaster, with a full house of ghost hunters expectations and excitement were high for our first ghost hunt of 2015, on the way to the event we considered would the spirits be willing to communicate with our ghost hunters or would the spirits still be hung over from the indulgences of Christmas. We as usual began the event with a brief description of how the night would run and a brief chat about the equipment from our very own Jez. After all the pleasantries had finished it was time to commence with the paranormal investigation at St. Catherine's. The event kicked off in earnest with a group vigil in the downstairs reception room where some guests heard tapping on request from behind them and a strange light was seen by four guests at the same time as the tapping was going on. We then decided to go into smaller groups and see which spirits would communicate with our brave ghost hunters.   In the kitchen area with Lesley and Gemma a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a small boy who had been seen through night vision goggles by a guest in the same group The group made communicated with the little boy via tapping on the table. He initially made a series of taps in the corner where he had been seen but eventually came towards the table. He then made several people go very cold down their spines and created cold draughts in an exceptionally warm room and he nudged the table several times.   In the downstairs room with Stuart and Cassie a group of ghost hunters spoke to a spirit called Jonathon who claimed to have communicated previously on another one of our ghost hunts, Jonathon kept the group enthralled in a table tipping experiment where when asked which of the girls he liked the most the table would go to Julie every time.    Lesley also added that in an upstairs room that a spirit called James came through on the Ouija board and admitted to being a bully and that he was cruel to the spirit children around him.   Rosey and Jez also mentioned that a girl had come to communicate however she was scared of a malevolent spirit called James who was a bully, James eventually came through on the glass and said that he was indeed a bully and that the girl was scared of him. Strangely enough James had come to Lesley's vigil with a different group and also communicated on a previous investigation and said the same thing to a different group of ghost hunters.    Stuart and Cassie mentioned about a vigil upstairs when using the Franks box where each participant was literally ridiculed or called some kind of abusive name, some words are too raw to print but some of the lesser examples was when Maxine was called a 'retard', Mark was called the 'C' word, and Helen was called a 'psycho', each word that the group heard from the Franks box was clearly heard from all the eight guests around the table and even when asked how many people were in the room the number ten was heard, which was eight guests and Cassie and Stuart.     Gaz and Sam gave a detailed account of a Franks box vigil in the grand downstairs room where each member of the vigil heard their name mentioned and also the word Doncaster was heard when asked where are we. As well as the Franks box incident Gaz and Sam also went into detail about a vigil in the cellars where some of the guests claimed to have seen bizarre lights and a number of the guests also went onto describe that they felt as if they had been touched on the head and three guests said that they heard a loud grumbling voice while in the wine cellars and they ran out of their panicking.    In addition Rosey and Jez described a table tipping experiment in the kitchen where the table moved to each member of the group in turn and at one point moved on two legs with each person on the table having their finger tips on the table.   Once more the sands of time had caught up with us and it was time to go home after we had said a thank you to all the spirits and guests who made it such a brilliant night.