Ghost Hunting Blog At Stanley Palace, Cheshire, 27th June 2015

On the 27th June Simply Ghost Nights ventured into Cheshire to Chester to ghost hunt at Stanley Palace for the first time. Stanley Palace has a catalogue of hauntings and ghostly activity that has been noted over the centuries and this was one haunted location we could not wait to investigate.   With a full house of ghost hunters ready to investigate this Tudor building, as normal the ghost hunting event began with a brief chat with our brave ghost hunters about the equipment and to alleviate any fears to our first time ghost hunters.   We held the group vigil in the main foyer where Stuart S.G.N's  medium spoke of sensing two male boy spirits on the stairs watching the group, Stuart asked if the spirit children would touch the green lights on the floor (K2 metres) after a couple of minutes the K2's started to go from green to red as if the spirit children were communicating with the group.   Also four guests who were facing the stairs all at once said that they had seen the silhouette of a child on the stairs watching the group. The K2's were spiking pretty much on request, we tried to debunk this but could no other form of electricity to cause these spikes and everyone's phone was off too.   After this excitement is was time to break into smaller groups and engage in a paranormal investigation at one of Chester's most haunted locations.   Jez and Lesley  reported a vigil in the parlour room where the group had some brilliant table work and glass work as well. Jez and Lesley also mentioned that the group made ghostly contact with a former servant of Stanley Palace called Robert via the Ouija board. Robert entertained the group by answering the groups questions.   A first time ghost hunter called Lisa e-mailed to say what had happened to her in one vigil in Lisa's own words    'We then split into our  groups and moved straight back into the meeting room from where we had just come, I walked straight to the far corner towards the table and chairs and turned my back to the wall as I've turned and paused for a few seconds then a tug on my hair happened, even then it was a who was that but no one was stood in close proximity to me and this was with the lights on. As soon as the lights went off, the motion detector and k2s all at different points in the room all went of at the same time, I myself felt a presence in the room, in fact I got a monk type figure  and just watched in the corner with head bowed down, since leaving I've learned this is a figure often seen in Stanley palace'.   Stuart and Kev described when using a Franks box that Stuart was called a w@@nker to the guests laughter and joy, the spirit also said that Lisa smelled of p@ss too. Stuart and Kev also described a vigil  in the main area where a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with a Robert, could this have been the Robert who had entertained another vigil earlier in the night.  Rosey and Chris noted that a spirit called Holly made contact with a group of ghost hunters in the Parlour, Holly responded by tapping on the table to the groups taps and when asked how old she was the glass moved to 10 via the Ouija board.   Rosey and Chris also spoke of a table tipping session where the table moved with every participants having one finger on the table, the table moved and rocked to the groups amazement as everyone could see each others finger on the table made it more an extraordinary experience.   With so much activity recorded Stanley Palace was a brilliant location to ghost hunt at and we cannot wait for our return on the 5th September 2015