Ghost Hunting Blog At The Four Crosses, Cannock, With Simply Ghost Nights, 28th November 2014

Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunting event at what as been described as The Midlands most haunted pub The Four Crosses in Cannock was definitely one of those unmissable nights, with so much paranormal activity noted by all the S.G.N team and our brave guests.   The night commenced with a brief and informative chat about how the night would run and how our guests could use the ghost hunting equipment. Once the chat had finished it was on with the ghost hunt at The Four Crosses in Cannock.   Mark and Phil recorded that in one of the bedrooms the TV which they had turned on and asked the spirits to turn it off when they went into the room, suddenly turned itself off with no one touching it or pressing the remote as there was no remote to be found and strangely enough they couldn't get the TV to turn back on again. Had the spirits obeyed and turned the TV off as they had requested in front of our brave ghost hunters.   Chris and Sam both exclaimed that in a using the Franks box both Lisa and Claire had their names repeated several times and when asking how the spirit they were communicating with had passed over to spirit the words the group clearly heard were knife , sorry and murder. Rosey and Lesley both commented that in the cellar a group of ghost hunters had lots of table tipping and tapping on request and while using the Ouija board  the group found out that the children communicating with them were tortured as witchcraft took place. Also an incarnate moan was heard as well from the empty adjoining room.   In the attic Rosey and Lesley spoke of a guest who had a brand new jacket on and at the end of the vigil he noticed a cigarette burn on the shoulder and it was still warm as if it had just happened there and then in the attic, with no one smoking in the building and the guest was also a non smoker this was quite bizarre.   S tuart and Jez spoke of a table tipping experiment in the bar when the table literally tipped between each ghost hunter and request and the group also heard their own taps on the table been repeated back to them on the table too. In this vigil four ghost hunters all claimed to see the silhouette of a man at the far end of the room and said it then moved across the room to finally disappear and vanish.   Once more we had been beaten by the clock and it was time pack away the equipment and tables, we once more thanked our guests for joining us and Debbie from The four Crosses and of course the spirits for entertaining us and our brave ghost hunters.