Ghost Hunting Blog At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, 6th June 2015

On the 6th June Simply Ghost Nights once again returned to the Sheffield Fire & Police Museum for a ghost hunting event. Sheffield Fire Police Museum  as been one of the most active venues we have visited, with three floors to investigate and many rooms on each floor the Sheffield Fire & Police Museum is a thrilling place to ghost hunt in.   The night started with a short introduction before commencing the ghost hunting experience in earnest. after the group vigil we broke up into smaller groups to get to really make sure our guests could have a real ghost hunting adventure.      Stuart and Jez described a vigil in the cellars where a group of ghost hunters in one of the cells commented how they had heard directly behind them from the corridor, and the K2 kept spiking as if on request. One brave ghost hunter while doing alone vigil in the Charlie Peace cell described how he felt as if someone was pulling at his clothes and at one point he claimed to have heard a form of a deep exhale while wearing the sound enhances.   Rosey and Lesley reported in the room next to welcome room taps on the table and footsteps in the corner of the room as if someone had just walked around that side of the room taking numerous steps. And repeated tapping was heard  on one of the glass display cabinets just as though someone or something was attempting to get their attention.   Treena, Cassie, and Sarah spoke of a vigil in Cain's cell where a dark  shadow was seen moving in front of the rem pod. Also smell of whiskey was detected and then disappeared as quickly as it had come. Rosey and Lesley described a vigil on the top floor how a ball moved from one side of the room to the other side of the room. And the group heard taps on request and noises were heard way down the corridor and the group got the name Jim Murphy through on dictionary mode on the Ovilus. In a vigil with Rosey and Lesley in the cell area one of the guests claimed that they were  pushed. In addition the K2 and the rem pod went off off at the same time. Both Cassie and Jez spoke of a vigil on the top floor where guests saw dark ghostly shadows from the end corridor and a guttural voice was heard as if growling, this incident had a number of guests literally running scared.   Table work was reported by some of the team leaders as well as some good Franks box incidents especially on the top floor. With all this activity the spirits of The Fire & Police Museum had certainly entertained our ghost hunters