Ghost Hunting Blog At Wilderhope Manor On A Ghost Hunt, 22nd November 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights first adventure to Wilderhope Manor in Shropshire for a ghost hunt, Wilderhope Manor is situated near the sleepy village of Much Wenlock. Wilderhope Manor is an Elizabethan Manor House, built around 1585 when England was enjoying a period of prosperity and stability. The house was built for Francis Smallman and his initials can be seen on the ceilings. The building is now used by the Y.H.A and for ghost hunts.   The evening began with a three course meal for our full house of ghost hunters who after the ghost hunt would be sleeping over for the night in a haunted building too. The ghost hunt started with a group vigil in the creepy cellar before we split into smaller groups to begin our ghost hunting event at Wilderhope Manor.   Stuart spoke of a group of ghost hunters who were using the Franks box in the four poster bedroom area, where each ghost hunter in turn heard their name repeated back to them, this caused some great amusement to the group and even more so was when Kevin a ghost hunter was regularly called a 'knob' and a 'tit' via the Franks box when the group asked what do you think of Kevin. All the other members of the group were called nice or lovely to the groups laughter.   Rosey and Lesley mentioned that in a vigil in the Covedale room a group of ghost hunters experienced some brilliant table tipping with the table moving between each ghost hunter on request and with each participant only having their finger tips on the table, Lesley also added that two ghost hunters claimed to have seen a red light moving only briefly around the room as well.    Chris and Sam spoke of another table tipping experiment where  the table tipped onto two legs and then moved slowly around onto one leg with all the participants   Chris and Sam spoke of another table tipping experiment where the table tipped onto two legs and then moved slowly around onto one leg with all the participants clearly on the edge of the table this totally enthralled all the group taking part in the vigil.    Jez and Paul also described that when using the glass a spirit communicated with a group of ghost hunters as the glass moved slowly between yes and no answering the groups questions the group learned that the gentleman spirit had lived at Wilderhope Manor and that his name was Joseph and that he had been married to Gwynn, they did indeed have children but never said how many, Jez said that the group were enchanted by the conversation they had with Joseph via the Ouija board.   In a vigil in the Main hall Phil explained that a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact wit a spirit lady who had lived at Wilderhope manor, the group learned that the woman was called Eleanor as the glass went over the E on the table and the group guessed the name Eleanor and the glass went to yes. In addition Phil said that some of the group also commented on feeling touched and having their clothes tugged which is something Stuart reported in the Parlour and Jez also said that this occurrence had been reported in the cellar too.    With so much activity reported during the course of the event it has been a difficult task to put all the paranormal activity that was indeed reported without making the blog almost into a book, our brave ghost hunters also experienced K2 spikes on request and Rosey also mentioned that our Boo Buddy Burt also interacted with what the group believed was a spirit child as well.   On our first visit to Wilderhope Manor we can definitely say that it will not be our last such as the standard of the food in the evening and breakfast as well, and the willingness of the spirits to communicate and interact with our ghost hunters at Wilderhope Manor.