Ghost Hunting Blog From Armley Mills, Leeds, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 17th January 2015

On the 17th January 2015 Simply Ghost Nights returned on a ghost hunting event at Armley Mills in Leeds,  as the cold wind blew into our frozen faces and ice starting to creep inside the car park the coldness began to sink in and so did the questions would the ghostly inhabitants want to make their presence known to our full house of ghost hunters at one of Yorkshire's most notorious ghost hunting locations.   The ghost hunt at Armley Mills commenced with a brief informative chat and a short description of the equipment that our brave ghost hunters would be using on their ghost hunt. After these formalities it was on with the event with a brief opening group vigil in one of the many large rooms available before we tapered off into smaller groups to attempt our night of ghostly interaction at Leeds Armley Mills.   In the cinema Rosey and Lesley both discussed that some guests had fantastic results with dowsing rods with the rods responding to their questions, and another guest saw the figure of a man stood in front of the piano and also an unexplained hot spot near the stage area. During a table tipping experiment the group had some slight table movement and some really loud tapping as well. Several of the guests heard the sound of a rustling anorak next to one guest however no one was wearing that type of material this strange noise was heard on another three occasions one guest said that they thought it was a packet of crisps been opened.   Gaz and Jez they both explained that when they were in the Machine Room that when Gaz was getting some chairs from the little Wendy house and he heard a groan behind him that literally shook him up. Many ghost hunters spoke of lots of corner of the eye movement, and a couple of light anomalies and one guest thought she saw a child peep around a corner watching the group.   As well as this incident Jez and Gaz also mentioned that a group of ghost hunters had some impressive glass work in one of the downstairs room that made a believer out of one sceptics in the group and the glass was moving around the table with just everyone's finger nails on the glass.   In the Theatre room with Stuart, Sarah and Sam a group of ghost hunters heard heavy footsteps in the seating area with no one near the seating area and six members of the group all strange light analomies with one streak of green light moving across the room in front of everyone, coincidentally Jez and Gaz both spoke of  some light anomalies in the cinema together with the REM pod  alarming out.   Sarah, Sam and Stuart mentioned a table tipping experiment in the cutting room where the group made spirit contact with a Mr. Grimes via Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium, with none of the SGN team were on the table and the table moved between all the guests on the table with only their finger tips on the table.     Jez and Gaz also informed us of a table tapping experiment in the main machinery room with a child that had worked in the machine room, Gaz and Jez recounted how the spirit girl tapped out on the table top the groups questions which were answered with one tap for yes or two for no.   Once more the clock had beaten us and once more the spirits of Armley Mills had proven yet again that they can indeed communicate and bring both the spirit plane and our earth plane together to interact with our ghost hunters.