Ghost Hunting Blog From R.A.F Binbrook, 12th September 2015

We once again travelled into the beautiful county of Lincolnshire and the scenic Wolds, however it was not the scenery we had come to see it was the spirits of R.A.F Binbrook we had made the journey to hopefully communicate with on a ghost hunting event at R.A.F Binbrook. Firstly we have to thank Lee and the team at R.A.F Binbrook for their hospitality in ensuring that the event ran smoothly and professionally Ghost hunts at R.A.F Binbrook in Lincolnshire have never failed to live up to our expectations of paranormal activity from the spirit world. This was our eleventh or so ghost hunt at R.A.F Binbrook and one the SGN team were looking forward to as well. In a vigil in the theatre everyone commented how they could feel the stage vibrating, making chairs vibrate and even geophone light up. People reported being touched which is a very common phenomena in this area, as well as having hair stroked , shadows seen moving around on stage. Noises were heard from different areas around the theatre which seemed to coincide with our requests for a sign . Icy draughts experienced. loud taps on the table in response to questions. Freddy who is a spirit we seem to get through often came through on table and as always responded to requests from us. Many light anomalies seen. Almost every guest had a personal experience as well as corner of eye movement. In the Cellar we were treated to some  fabulous k2 activity. and table moving on request. Taps on table in response to questions. At one time the group were laughing at something when we all heard a very loud Metallic tapping on both metal posts in the room both near to the guests . Shadows were seen moving around in tunnel near a guest who was being very brave and conducting a lone vigil. People once again getting touched. It was felt we had a spirit called Ivan with us, who Lee knew about and he wasn't a nice character . The room kept getting darker and lighter. It was felt he was moving around the room watching as we heard noises from different areas of the room. Table moved quite violently. Lots of cold draughts