Ghost Hunting Blog From St. Catherines's Halloween Weekend, October 2015

Simply Ghost Nights returned for a whole weekend of Halloween fun with many guess surprising us and coming in costumes to St. Catherine's House, a former private house and mental hospital. On our previous visits St. Catherine's house the spirits have certainly entertained our guests. With a house packed to the rafters of ghost hunters on both nights assembled eagerly for the nights activities to commence we decided to get started as quickly as possible. The event began with a quick chat from the team and a run through the ghost hunting equipment with Jez, followed by as always a group vigil to get the energy flowing. In the Kitchen in a vigil with Kev and Jez The was a lot of interesting activity by the door into the kitchen, lights were seen passing by the door by some guests facing it and both Jez & Kev. Jez investigated to find that there was no one on the corridor and no footsteps could be heard in the vicinity or going downstairs to the cellars. The same phenomena was also later reported by another two groups holding vigils in the kitchen. Jez heard a noise coming from the corner adjacent to the door, guests confirmed they heard it too and it sounded like what could be described as paper being rustled. All too quickly the vigil had to end as we moved on to investigate other areas. There was no K2 meter or REM pod activity to report. In a vigil with Lesley and Rosey in the Red room the k2 was intermittently spiking on the table at the back of the room. One witness saw a shadow walk behind Rosey. Taps were heard from table in request as well as Icy blasts experienced by many . The door tried to open on 3 separate occasions which were quickly investigated but could not be debunked!.  Many guests were feeling as if someone was stood behind them and guests were repeatedly being touched by unseen hands. The Red room also was a success for a group with Kev and Jez  when much hilarity was caused by the noise of the table gently squeaking as it rocked, growing louder and louder as the motion increased. This activity peaked and ebbed for at least 20 minutes before resulting in the astounding sight of the table gently lifting and falling to the floor. Within minutes it climatically crashed to the floor again. Guests thanked the spirit present for giving them such a laugh and for something to see which they might had not at first believed could happen. During this vigil there was only slight K2 meter activity and response by spirit were clearest through tapping noises and table movement In the attic we had a group of 10 guests which were not having much luck so decided to split into two smaller groups when suddenly the table started moving on request and was tapping.  Upon hearing the squeals of delight some of the other members of the group returned but the activity stopped, we felt the spirit was intimidated by too many at once . Lots of whistles and moans were heard. In the cellars the table was moving around the cellar, and a very strange noise was heard as if someone was trying to sit in one of the beds, noises were also heard coming from far side of room, light anomalies, icy draughts and guests being touched. For another group in the cellars it all proved too much for two female guests who eventually had to leave after ten minutes because of an overwhelming feeling of oppression and panic. The vigil continued as two smaller groups over two areas, some attempted glass divination/table tipping and others further away completed lone vigils in an area where hospital archives where once stored. In one of the function rooms which would have been wards at one time the table was up on 2 legs. and taps were being repeated on request, we also had a feeling as if we had children in the room. Whilst sitting quietly we all heard what sounded like the crisp packets at the back of the room being rustled so asked are you enjoying our food? the table started moving at such speed the guests were flabbergasted. Footsteps were heard in this room as well as people feeling they were getting touched In another vigil a group decided to try a human pendulum and everyone agreed the after hearing responses to yes/no questions in calling out to do a human pendulum. Jez and Kev suggested that we asked the spirit to communicate with one of the female guests as she seemed to be getting the responses. Through a process of elimination with guests, Jez and Kev we learned that spirit was female, mature in her years, not connected with the hospital as patient or staff. She confirmed that she was in visitation often and thought that the building had been well maintained. Kev asked the question "are you Charlotte Banks" and her spirit energy pushed the female guest forwards very clearly to confirm that it was. Charlotte was a former owner of the building when it was St Catherine's Hall, she confirmed this and also that she liked to visit during the day. She pushed the guest backwards to confirm "no" she did not want to manifest in any other way. During this vigil non of the electrical equipment set up gave any responses, nevertheless a most interesting vigil when the prodigious spirit of Charlotte made a connection with us through a guest as part of human pendulum divination Our Halloween event on both nights was sold out and Simply Ghost Nights team looks forward to welcoming more guests into St Catherine's Hospital, Doncaster on 27th November.