Ghost Hunting Blog From Warmsworth Hall, Doncaster, 19th December 2014

Simply Ghost Nights returned to Warmsworth Hall in Doncaster for a ghost hunting event and this was after a break of two years and this was a highly anticipated ghost hunt at Warmsworth hall for the Simply Ghost Nights team, with so much activity reported in the past the team could not wait to take for this ghost hunt at Warmsworth Hall to begin.   In the group vigil in one of the side rooms the whole group witnessed the K2 spiking on request and some very loud taps as well in the room on request. A number of guests and team proclaimed to have seen the ghostly shape of a woman walking in the circle, the same shape was described by all that had witnessed the mystery shape moving in the room.   After a while we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate the building for any paranormal activity.   In a vigil with Stuart, Chris and Sam in an upstairs room a group of ghost hunters had the glass moving very slowly on the table during a Ouija board session, but the glass did not spell anything of note and when asked if they could not read the glass went to yes after been shown where yes was, so the group just asked questions that required a yes and no answer, and the spirit answering the questions claimed to be that of a child who had lived in the house years ago and had enjoyed living in the house although he said that his parents had worked there.   Rosey and Gaz spoke of how a table tipped in one of the downstairs rooms to the groups dismay, Rosey furthermore explained that the table went to each of the participants sitting at the table, in addition the group heard some really loud taps on the table as well.   Stuart, Sam and Chris explained that when using the Franks box in one of the rooms upstairs a group of ghost hunters all heard their names repeated back to them and Jack one of the ghost hunters was actually verbally abused on the Franks box by the spirit communicating with tem when it repeatedly called Jack a swear word to the groups amusement especially Jacks parents.   All in all it was a bit of a mixed bag of a night with the activity been rather sporadic in it's occurrences but still it was  an enjoyable night where all our guests managed to witness some form of paranormal activity, whether it was via the glass, table work, Franks box or K2 spikes.