Ghost Hunting Blog From Wentworth Woodhouse, October 2015

Wentworth Woodhouse the longest house in Europe that is not a palace, and this was our fourth ghost hunt at this amazing location. We arrived with baited breathe wondering what the spirits of Wentworth Woodhouse had in stall for our full house of ghost hunters. We must first Andy and his team at Wentworth Woodhouse for ensuring the night ran smoothly and also for providing an unlimited amount of coffee and tea for our brave ghost hunters.   The night opened with a group vigil in the main front area where we did only a ten minute vigil as we knew we had so much area to cover and so many excited guests just waiting to get started to attempt spirit communication. In a vigil in the Ballroom one of the guests felt as if a strong male presence was affecting her so much Rosey and Lesley decided she would be better off stepping back for five minutes which seemed to work. Another guest was horrified as she was sure she saw a shadow behind her out of the corner of her eye which quite upset her. We also had a table moving all over the ballroom after we played blue Danube waltz. The guests decided to sing it and the faster they sang the faster the table moved . Feelings of being watched from the balcony and lots of cold breezes experienced by almost all of the group.   Stuart and Andy mentioed a vigil in the Ballroom where it seemed relatively quiet until the REM pod started to go off, suddenly the group heard footsteps and four guests reported seeing shadows moving only a few metres from where we were. The REM pod then began to alsrm out almost on request.   In the Library and Smoking room Kev and Chris reported how a group of guests in the library area two guests went into the ante-library with sound enhancers and night vision goggles and later reported back hearing whispering which was not mistaken from the guests and team leaders next door. In another vigil in the pillared room the table was trying to move. The whole group heard footsteps and small things being thrown even though everyone was sat around the table with their hands clearly visible.. Our team leader Lesley decided to place the geophone in 3 different positions during the vigil following where the footsteps seemed to be coming from, Incredibly the last place was by the fireplace and as we went to collect at the end of the vigil, we noticed a 5p piece sat right on top of it?. We know 100% it wasn't there when it was repositioned and we had heard things thrown.   Kev and Chris reported a vigil in the Ballroom where the table began to move slowly at first. As the guests built their energy levels and continued to call out they were impressed when the table moved forwards and eventually round in a clockwise direction.   Following on from the previous area the same Team but different guests then went into the Library and as they walked in the first thing they noticed was another 5p under the table so we decided to pick it up and positioned one 5p piece either side of the geophone by the fireplace . Two guests on a lone were doing a lone vigil in an adjoining room screamed and came running into us claiming the door had opened on its own. One  of the guests being a non believer! So we all decided to join them in the room and called out. The temperature in the room dropped and we could hear noises around the room. When we returned in to check the geophone, we noticed yet another 5p piece roughly where the first one had been so we know it wasn't there when we found the first one. No guests whatsoever had been in the room.