Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Stanley Palace, Cheshire, 5th September 2015

Simply Ghost Nights returned to Stanley Palace and what a return it was, with the ghostly residents of Stanley palace certainly making their presence known to our ghost hunters. With a group vigil starting the night off in the main hallway, a number of guests said that they had been touched or their hair had  been gently tugged and with all the group holding hands this impressed all of us. We all heard footsteps above us on the top floor and yet again no one was upstairs this incident actually freaked a number of guests.   After this it was time to split into smaller groups and really get to grips with the ghost hunt at Stanley Palace, Kev and Chris described a vigil upstairs. The group started with glass divination and first encountered the spirit of Robert. He confirmed that he was Hollies' father, who was known to us from our previous visit to Stanley Palace in June 2015. The spirit confirmed that he passed over aged 62. During the glass divination cold spots were felt by most members of the group around the table and the digital thermometer records a temperature differential of between 5-7 degrees below ambient room temperature being recorded at around 25 degrees. Several of the group were completing lone vigils with ear enhancers and they reported hearing children's laughter and also a guttural voice and growling sound like a dog. Also at this time there were four distinct raps on the floor area over at the far end of the room when Kev asked a spirit of a man called George to come forwards. In doing so there were further responses with the glass, confirming he died aged 63 and although he liked children he believed that they should be disciplined. These raps/taps were distinctly heard because they were so loud and continued in response to yes/no questioning. Stuart and Jez coincidentally described a vigil upstairs where all the group said that they had heard children giggling, and Josh said that he had seen the figure of a tall man through the night vision goggles and Josh swore blind that he had seen this figure. The group also heard some fantastic table tapping as well and also while using the Franks box a number of guests were shocked to hear swear words from the Franks box.   Lesley described a vigil with Rosey in the welcome room where the table was moving violently. Phone trying to escape out of guests pocket. Door handle rattled as if someone was trying to come in but when we opened door no one there . Shadow of small child seen. K2 really active. Prolly went off where sandwich went off last visit. Everybody felt uneasy. Cold draughts experienced by most guests.   Guests described the beginning of the vigil as ominous, most guests complained of chills and shooting pains around their neck and back, when the name 'Ed' was called, a loud bang from the fire place was heard by all. The rem pod that was placed on the stairwell also illuminated at the same time. Guests also tried glass divination, however this proved less responsive than table tipping. The spirit of a girl called Hollie responded to questions asked by guests, knocks and movement from the table were also witnessed. 3 guests also felt a cobweb like affect at the back of their heads and cold chills were also felt above there hands. Lights could also be seen  in the hallway that couldn't be explained as passing traffic outside couldn't have caused the strange light anomalies witnessed by all. Guests and team leader Chris could also hear footsteps on the stairwell at Stanley Palace, yet nobody was visible or on the stairs, foot steps and dull shuffles could also be heard. Shortly before then vigil all guests and Chris heard a growl from the corner of the room, followed by what was thought to be something dumped onto the floor   In the small downstairs room Rosey and  two guests saw an apparition walk past the window in the mirror at the same time and Lesley felt a cold breeze go past her and  then a guest saw a shadow of a man and two smaller shadows like those of children in the corner Chris and Kev spoke about a vigil with the table rocking backwards and forwards and they also made contact with a spirit called Ed on the Ovilus who wasn't a nice character. He said he pushed Holly (a child they had come through last time in small room) down the stairs. He said she is the child that is seen laid on the stairs. The group felt he showed no remorse and when they thanked him for telling us his story we got "you're welcome" crystal clear back through Ovilus   Once more we were beaten by the clock and what a night of paranormal activity we had experienced at Stanley Palace we return on the 21st November.