Ghost Hunting Blog & Ghost Hunts At The Ripon Workhouse Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights 1st August 2015

Simply Ghost Nights returned to Ripon Workhouse Museum on the 2nd August 2015 for a ghost hunting event, with a full house of ghost hunters all excited to attempt spirit communication with the ghostly inhabitants of this old building. On previous events the spirits have interacted and made their presence known to our investigators in whole manner ways, we always wonder will the spirits be as receptive yet again on a ghost hunt at The Ripon Workhouse Museum.    In the Boardroom with Lesley a group of ghost hunters were using an Ovilus and a K2 and the group soon realised that K2 would only spike with the males present at the table, if a woman approached the table nothing would happen, as soon as the women in the group left the table again the K2 would spike up. Was this a sign that the spirits were playing with our group.   Jez reported some subtle tapping on the table and slight vibration as well on the table as a group of ghost hunters attempted table tipping, when using the glass the group made contact with a girl of 4 years old who when asked if she wanted a biscuit replied 'yes'  and when asked if she would like a game of hop scotch the glass went to 'yes' as well. Also the spirit child was with her sister and really liked watching the group.   In the School room and Reception room Kev, Chris and Martin, Kev described a vigil with a group of ghost hunters. The group first wished to use the glass and we got a response from a woman/mother in spirit called Joan. She is reputed to have had 9 children and 3 of them became known to the group during this experiment. Kev continued to explain that the atmosphere all of a sudden became very oppressive and some of the group became overwhelmed with a sense of complete despair almost moving them to tears. It was at this time everybody noticed that the energy levels were continually building drawing from the circle and so we progressed to table tipping which did not disappoint and astound. In response the question "can you move the table to where your children are?"   The spirit of Joan although weak moved the table in the every certain direction of where they where, which was the door to the schoolroom on at least 3 occasions. At this juncture everyone noticed a definite change in the atmosphere it was much more positive, almost as if the spirit had been made happy in reunion with her 3 children.   At Ripon we have made numerous conversations with a spirit called Stan via the Ovilus and Franks box as well as the table and glass. Jez and Lesley detailed one Ovilus session in the Nurses room where Stan called a guest 'a fat B' and the word 'boll@@ks' was heard on plenty of occasions and also the F word and the C word were indeed heard too from the Ovilus. This had all the group fascinated by what they were hearing.    In the Welcome room Lesley noted a very active vigil with Sandwich the pig our motion sensor went off 4 times at the very same time every single one of the group saw a dark shadow moving around behind us then the pig went off. We later found out from Stan that this was Bernard walking round trying to intimidate. He told us he didn't like Bernard and that Bernard was a coc@.   Stan was quite happy to talk through the glass although his spelling was terrible but he always managed to find the f, the c and the b ! I asked him if he was happy he was famous and that he'd appeared in a magazine to which he replied he was. Lots of guests experienced cold draughts behind them and underneath the table. We had some great loud thuds from underneath the table.   Lesley continued that on a table session a group communicated with Nora, Bernard's wife who the group had met earlier in the night. She was spiking the K2 quite happily and took a shine to one of our guests. She was trying to move the table towards him although she was quite happy to communicate through the glass Kev detailed a vigil in The Boardroom as guests sang nursery rhythms to illicit a response from the spirits present and almost immediately K2 meters responded by changing colour from green right through to red in response to individual/group questions. All 3 meters spiked each time ring o'roses was being sung by guests and team members, Kev, Chris & Martin. Taps were also given in response to yes/no questions. The group proceeded to glass divination upon which 2 spirit girls namely Alice aged 2 and Sarah-Jane made their presence clear. (It later transpired that there was indeed an Alice Murray aged 2 residing at workhouse - taken from public records from around 1867) During the vigil at least 3 guests and all of the team members became aware of a spirit lady standing in the corner of the room by the door. We believe that she may have been a nurse or assistant there and she confirmed her name as Ruth using the energy of the guests and ouija board. She made it very apparent that she was not happy and affected at least one guest towards the end of this vigil. Darren and Chris also reported that they both felt pains in the chest which maybe something similar to a heart attack. 2 guests felt they were also pushed from the table in the centre of the room.   Once again both Stan and The Ripon Workhouse had proved appositive hit with our brave ghost hunters who some were sceptics, but went home believers in what they had seen and witnessed on a ghost hunt at The Ripon Workhouse Museum.