Ghost Hunting Blogs From Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, 3rd October 2015

Firstly we have to thank the staff of the fire & police museum, for their help and assistance in ensuring that the event ran as professionally as it did. Despite the fantastic artefacts & vehicles from over the  last 200 years being on display, one could not help get the feeling you were there with something or someone else.  In the upper storey and along the corridor and into the cells there was a feeling of being watched. With Rosey, Stuart and Sarah in Cains cell we starting spirit communication via table work and were thrilled when one spirit was more than happy to oblige. The table tilted to and fro and took a shine to one of our guests who was there celebrating a birthday. Another group who went to investigate the cell afterwards also had the Rem pod going off in the corner of the room and a shadow was seen pacing in front of it as seen on other investigations. Cold draughts felt behind several guests. Guests reported getting touched. Several guests including myself saw an apparition of a mans face on the cell door. Disembodied voice and footsteps heard. Table wouldn't move for this group but good glass work by a spirit claiming to be Cain . He told us he was happier to communicate with the women once Jez had gone as he didn't like Jez On the middle floor with Jez and Lesley a loud tap was heard immediately on a chair near where we were all sat, at the same time the Rem pod went off and a guest looking through night vision goggles saw an apparition sat on the chair where we heard the tap from. He reported.  It was there one minute gone the next. He also saw a face peering around the door and this guest was a sceptic when we started. We also got some taps coming through the table on request and taps from all round the room. Rosey, Sarah and Stuart then went to the middle floor and during a session in the education room we discovered we had the spirit of two children who were happy to make loud footsteps for us upon request, then we gave them permission to go and play with our Polly the Dolly which is basically a K2 meter in disguise and to our excitement within seconds the doll was flashing and alarming out, what is so strange about that is in the 3 years we have had Polly she has only ever been set off three times. On the top floor one brave ghost hunter heard the word copper through franks box . We also had a small amount of table tipping, cold breezes, and many guests who had decided to split up all having personal experiences. Seeing and hearing things All in all it had been a very successful event, with many of our ghost hunters raving about the different varieties of activity they had witnessed and heard and as always with so much positive energy the event sadly came to a close all too quickly.