Ghost Hunting Blogs & Ghost Hunts At Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham, 29th November 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights first official adventure into the ghostly world of Wentworth Woodhouse the longest house in Europe that is not a palace, we had done a previous private ghost hunt at Wentworth Woodhouse a couple of months previously, and that had turned out some brilliant results. So we arrived with baited breathe wondering what the spirits of Wentworth Woodhouse had in stall for our full house of ghost hunters. We must first Andy and his team at Wentworth Woodhouse for ensuring the night ran smoothly and also for providing an unlimited amount of coffee and tea for our brave ghost hunters.   The night opened with a group vigil in the main front area where we did only a ten minute vigil before splintering into smaller groups to attempt spirit communication at this most splendid of locations to hold a ghost hunting event, however before splitting in to smaller groups Stuart, S.G.N's resident medium spoke of how a spirit child was watching the group from the staircase of the building.   Lesley, Paul and Treena spoke of a brilliant vigil in the Lounge where a group of ghost hunters experienced some brilliant table tipping with the table up on one leg and spinning round in both directions on request.  On the Ouija board the group made contact with a little girl aged four who said that she had lived in the village before the house was built and also said that she had worked for her uncle and that she liked him. He had an orchard and she used to pick apples and he also kept animals and had three dogs and that they all lived on a farm.   Stuart and Gemma mentioned that in a vigil in the snooker room a group of ghost hunters experienced some really loud tapping on request from a spirit gentleman called James that Stuart S.G.N's medium had made contact with, the group asked for him to copy them and James would copy the tapping identically to the groups gasps of joy.   Rosey, Mark and Phil delighted in informing the group about a vigil in the Chapel where a group of ghost hunters witnessed table tipping and some brilliant table tapping as well. Rosey spoke of how numerous ghost hunters claimed to have seen ghostly shadows moving in the room with many of the ghost hunters describing the same shadowy figure too.    In addition Lesley mentioned a vigil in the Front hall where a group made contact with a six year old girl called Beth on the table via the Ouija board and  she  said that she was alone at the moment without her parents. She was trying to rock the table for the group and she spoke of how the house was safe and there were no spirits to worry about.   And as well one of the guests reminded her of her mum and  she was the one to push one of the female guests in the group vigil while doing a human pendulum. The group managed to gather that she had five brothers and three sisters and that they all lived on the land before the house was built.   The spirit girl also spoke of how she hides things and moves things around in the house when no one is watching. Stuart S.G.N's resident medium had also picked up on her in the group vigil running up and down the stairs. On a sad note the spirit girl had said that she had died from a stomach complaint. Jez and Andy described a vigil in the ballroom and the adjoining room where in a vigil a group of ghost seekers spoke to a ghostly spirit lady who had worked at Wentworth Woodhouse and still enjoyed to visit her old home where she had worked and lived in the 1880's, the lady communicated via the Ouija board and in a human pendulum too. The group garnered that she had been in domestic service at the house and that she had enjoyed her life there although it was hard work. Jez said that the group were happy to have made contact with the spirit lady.