Ghost Hunting Bolling Hall, 25th February 2017

Ghost Hunting Bolling Hall, 25th February 2017

Bolling Hall is a brilliant building to hold a paranormal investigation it's literally like going back in time over 500 years. We have investigated Bolling Hall on numerous occasions and each time we look forward to it with so much excitement.

In the dining room most groups mentioned some glass work and table tapping as well, Cassie mentioned that a guest apparently heard a voice via the sound enhances. Emma and Maryanne spoke of hearing footstep or shuffling in the red room.

One of our guests captured a brilliant e.v.p of an incarnate voice sighing or grumbling when everyone heard it they were fascinated by it. Light anomalies were witnessed in the fire place of the Red room and in the cellars as well that could not be explained.

All groups recorded table and glass work with Hannah and Martin describing  how a male spirit communicated with a group of ghost hunters in the kitchen area, however they could not get a name but the spirit made his presence known by yes and no on the Ouija board.

Stuart and Jez remarked about a female spirit Celia who rejoiced a life of splendour at Bolling Hall, although she was alive in the 18th century she was from the upper echelons of society and wanted for nothing.

 Rosey and Lesley described a vigil in the blue room where the table tapped on request and two guests claimed to have witnessed a figure moving on the level above with the night vision goggles. The ghost room provided temperature fluctuations and K2 spikes on request and again a number of light anomalies were witnessed in this room by a number of different groups.

All in all it was another amazing night of paranormal activity from the spirits of Bolling Hall.