Ghost Hunting Bradford Police Museum, 17th March 2017

What can we say about the first ever ghost hunting investigation at The Bradford Police Museum, the spirits were very quick in saying 'evening all' to our ghost hunters.

In the foyer area three guests simultaneously all stated that they seen the figure of a man walking at the other end of the room, it didn't matter how we attempted to replicate the incident we could not, each member of the vigil who had witnessed all described the same figure.

The cells were another hive of activity with glass divination taking place and a number of spirits communicating with our guests, Harold a spirit who spoke of his job as a police office in the building. Gladys also spoke to our guests entertaining them with her time working at The Police Station.

A number of groups also mentioned table tapping and table tipping in the foyer area and in the Courtroom as well. With so much reported activity the night certainly was a paranormal success and we cannot wait for our return on the 6th May 2017.