Ghost Hunting Cannon Hall, 18th February 2017

Cannon Hall sits proudly within its own grounds in Barnsley, built back in 17th Century for the Stanhope family, now Cannon hall is run by Barnsley council and frequented by day visitors and by night, the ghostly residents of Cannon hall and who on the 18th of February with our full house of ghost hunters attempted spirit contact.

The dining rooms were a revelation with guests witnessing figures with night vision goggles and most vigils experiencing glass work and spiking on the K2s. Guests also measured temperature drops and rises in the dining room too.

In the kitchen Jez spoke of how he saw a female servant look at him through the serving hatches in the kitchen, this figure was also witnessed by one of our guests at the very same time as Jez. On inspection no one was in the adjoining room none of guests were wearing what Jez and our guest had seen, even days later Jez was adamant what he had seen, a female servant and then she vanished.

Upstairs in the servants quarters guests had Ouija board communication with a female spirit called Abi coming through in one vigil, Abi answered the groups questions via Yes and No to the groups enjoyment.

With the spirit radios guests heard their names repeated and some of them were called the odd obscenity especially in the servants quarters. We also had MEL meters alarming out and temperature deviations around them too.

For one it had been another eventful night and for two the groups had provided an immense amount of energy for spirits to use and communicate and as we left Cannon Hall we could not wait for our return in May 2017.