Ghost Hunting @ Cannon Hall, 20th May 2017

With our full house of wannabe ghost hunters who had descended on Cannon Hall charged with energy hoping to speak to some of the estate's more spectral residents, we could not wait to get started.
As the clock struck nine on Saturday night, an audience of all sorts - young, old, believers, even two self-declared sceptics - gathered for the evening to begin.

In the Kitchen guests assembled eagerly for the nights activities to commence. After initial unsuccessful glass divination the guests agreed to do some table work and call out to the spirits. Eventually the guests got a weak response in the table moving slightly, so the vigil continued with guests and team members calling out and asking for responses to yes - two taps / no - one tap questions.
Another group in the kitchen also reported to having tapping on the wooden shutters in response to their questions.
One of our long time team leaders Jez who very rarely sees or hears anything that really impresses him got the shock of his life when he reported seeing the figure of a woman peeking through the serving hatch at him, he thought she looked a little bit unusual by the way she was dressed and immediately started to check all guests were present and correct around the table which they were. After looking straight back, the figure had gone.. this left Jez in no doubt he had just seen something possibly paranormal.
In a vigil assembled in the cellars 2 female guests eventually had to leave after 10 minutes because of an overwhelming feeling of oppression and panic. The vigil continued as two smaller groups over two areas, some attempted glass divination/table tipping and others further away completed lone vigils in another area. Throughout the night all four groups said they had a range of phenomena from K2 meter, REM pods going off, Polly the Dolly going off and so much more. 
In the attic rooms every group agreed this area was off the scale activity wise, people were becoming very upset at being touched, shadows seen by the many, the table moving sometimes without even being touched by anyone, the equipment was going off in this area as though the spirits were actually having a good old time playing with us.
We simply could not believe it when we realised the night had come to an end, the time had flown by. This event was sold out and Simply Ghost Nights team looks forward to welcoming more guests at Cannon Hall at Halloween 2017