Ghost Hunting @ Doncaster Air Museum, 9th July 2016

After a year or so away from Doncaster air Museum Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of favourite locations with many a haunting experience reported here on our previous investigations, we could not wait with a full house of ghost hunters all eager to pursuit ghostly interaction.

In the Main Hangar Rosey and Lesley described a table tipping session with a startled group of ghost hunters who had never witnessed table work before. Lesley stated how our ghost hunters literally had their finger tips on the table as the table rocked between all the guests on the table.
Phil and Martin also spoke of how a table tipped in hangar 21 and that a number guests felt that they had been touched on the hands while standing in one of the side rooms by themselves.
Sue and Cassie noted also in the Main hangar how some of our guests were picking up on figures moving while using the night vision goggles and in the engine room two guests complained of feeling sick after been in the room only a few minutes.
Jez and Stuart reported that in hangar 18 when using the Spirit box each member of the group clearly heard their names and that both Steven and Jez were all called an unsavoury name as well.
Once more Doncaster Air Museum had reached to the sky in the level of spirit activity we had recorded.