Ghost Hunting Event At Doncaster Air Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights

We were met at the Doncaster Air Museum by the ever popular and helpful Alan, who was on hand to supply a constant source of hot and cold beverages which complimented the eight piece buffet supplied by Simply Ghost Nights. With the anticipation of a full house waiting for the paranormal event to begin, you could feel the energies of our brave ghost hunters rising and literally getting ready for take off. We started with a psychic walk around the buildings led by Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart. In hangar 21 Stuart felt the presence of two spirit energies a female and a male energy, Stuart considered the female energy to be a former worker at the air base from the 1940's era, Stuart continued that he felt 'Mo' as she was called would have worked there as a cleaner, as Stuart described 'Mo' watching the group carefully from a corner in the room, two brave ghost hunters called Jane and Mark both declared that they could actually smell cleaning products or the aroma of flowers. In hangar 21 Stuart continued the psychic tour and described how the group were close to a male spirit energy, Stuart described how this male spirit was stood rather tall and very straight, Stuart also spoke how the gentleman had a moustache and had his black combed swept back, Stuart felt that the gentleman would more than make his presence known later in the course of the night. After a short refreshment break it was time for the paranormal investigation to begin, we commenced in hangar 21 with a group vigil, firstly calling out and asking for tapping on request from the spirit world and listening for strange noises or our tapping being copied on request. Michelle a brave ghost hunter was nearest the door wearing a pair of sound enhances suddenly shrieked loudly and exclaimed she had heard footsteps behind her from within the vacant corridor. Many ghost hunters began to see dark shadows moving in the corridor as well, also many complained of getting cold and warm spots on their body, was this the residents of the ethereal plane affecting our brave paranormal investigators as we had asked them to do. It was time to break up into smaller groups and investigate the vigil areas of Doncaster air museum. In hangar 21 with Stuart a group of ghost hunters were attempting an ouija board experiment, when the glass began to move slowly to the amazement of Katy, Stuart said that he felt that the spirit the group were making contact with was indeed the gentleman who he spoke about previously, the gentleman with the swept back hair and moustache. Stuart said he was picking up the name Smythe with the gentleman, this was confirmed on the ouija board when the group asked if this is in fact Mr. Smythe and the glass moved to yes. This amazed the ghost hunters who witnessed this event, the group asked many questions and each question was responded with a yes and no. Stuart also mentioned that in this vigil that Jade whilst doing a lone vigil in an adjoining room, came out panicking that she had heard a ghoulish incarnate voice through the sound enhances she was wearing. In a vigil with Jez in the main hangar, Jez explained that the group had the most wonderful tapping on request from within one of the engines of these powerful aircrafts, Jez continued that this spectacle totally bemused the group who heard these strange tappings on request. In hangar 19 in a vigil with Rosey and Jo, a group of brave ghost hunters saw the most amazing table tipping display from the ghostly realms of Doncaster Air Museum, this left Liz, Ange, Kerry, Donna and Carla watching in disbelief as the table tipped one way and then another to their requests, the pi'ce de resistance of the vigil was when table literally tipped onto two legs to the shock of the group who had their finger tips on the edge of the table. All in all it was another fantastic night of spirit activity, we had reports of heavy footsteps in empty corridors, and dark shadow movement in many vigil areas, there was numerous cases of our ghost hunters picking incarnate voices through the sound enhances, and successful ouija board and table tipping experiments that impressed all those that participated. At the end of the night we said our customary thank you's to Alan for helping to make the event run so smoothly, the ghost hunters who came along and readily and eagerly took part in the investigation, and the spirits of Doncaster Air Museum for entertaining us all with their paranormal activity.