Ghost Hunting Event At The West Bromwich Old Court House, With Simply Ghost Nights, 25th April 2015

Simply Ghost Nights held their maiden ghost hunt at the West Bromwich Old Courthouse. This old building was nestled in a sleepy part of the city and it sits prominently in view for all to see as you approach the building. With numerous court rooms, cells and an array of corridors and other rooms the Old Courthouse is a huge area to investigate in search of ghostly residents. The ghost hunting event began with a group vigil in main courthouse where our ghost hunters heard tapping on request and a number of guests spotted dark shadows moving in the room and at one point two K2s spiked at different points in the room. Rosey and Lesley reported loads of activity in one of the cells with the table moving on its own with no one touching it. Footsteps were heard in the corridor as if someone was approaching Rosey described the footsteps as been heavy booted. While attempting a table tapping session the group heard plenty of taps on request on the table and scratching underneath the table as well. Cold draughts experienced by everyone and guests felt as if their hands were getting stroked. The group also noticed objects on the floor that no one had noticed before and once more there was noises in the corridor outside the cell as though someone was walking about. Stuart and Jez described a vigil in one of the side rooms where a group of ghost hunters witnessed a table tipping experiment where the table rocked backwards and forwards between all of the guests. Also while using a Franks box Donna, Sarah, Jean and Shabnam  all clearly heard their names mentioned. In a group vigil in the dock in court unexplained taps were heard around the court room and . shadows were seen by a number of guests and footsteps were heard on steps going up towards dock and at the same time we all heard taps on the glass of dock. After our time was up at a The West Bromwich Old Court House all the team agreed it had been an active event.