Ghost Hunting Event & Ghost Hunts At The Liverpool Orphanage, 7th February 2015

The Liverpool Orphanage and Newsam Park Hospital is one of the most eerie and atmospheric venues that you could come across with so much sadness and despair reported through the years it is a surprise that spirits would want to come and communicate .    A group using the Franks Box   In the group vigil Stuart SGN's medium made spirit contact with a gentleman called Giles but Stuart couldn't ascertain whether that Giles was a forename or surname however every time someone said the name of Giles or Mr. Giles the K2 would spike up, a number of guests reported hearing shuffling near to where Stuart said Giles or Mr. Giles was. However over the course of the group vigil the K2 kept spiking when the name Mr. Giles was mentioned.   After the entertaining group vigil it was time to break off into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication at The Liverpool Orphanage & Newsam Park Hospital.   In the wards with Jez and Stuart a group of ghost hunters made contact with the spirit of a female nurse called Maggie, who during the vigil informed the group she was a nurse who was married, with children and worked at the hospital.  Several people heard footsteps in the area near the toilets and Ben a big strapping lad  who was on a lone vigil also heard some shaking the lock on one of the doors and immediately came back to the group and declined the offer of another lone vigil.   Jez and Stuart  also spoke of  a vigil in the Punishment corridor where they had some interesting Frank's box activity  where one guest when he asked spirit to repeat his name was told to "go f*ck himself" very clearly to the groups laughter.     Chris and Sarah commented about a vigil in the School Room where the caretaker seemed to make his presence known yet again. Two of the lady guests felt their legs being touched several times while seated at the table. The glass identified that the Caretaker was communicating and he asked for the two of them by name to go in to his adjacent room, what we call the Caretaker's cupboard. The two girls asked Chris or Sarah to go with them as they were too scared to go alone. The glass vigorously said NO and likewise it refused to invite anyone else to accompany them too. They did agree to go in provided Chris stayed right outside the door and within about three minutes of being alone and calling out they were both "spooked" by something unidentified and came rushing out. Despite their fright, they both said they would not have missed the experience and will never forget it! Lesley mentioned a vigil in the School House that many of the guests reported seeing loads of shadows moving around, footsteps heard on stairs and upstairs with no one up there. Several people saw a shadow move in the corner and several light anomalies in the corner were also spotted, the group all heard the scuff of a boot really loudly where they had seen the shadow move.   And strangely enough Jez reported exactly the same thing  in the same corner in another vigil as well. Some of the guests heard a child's cry and people getting their hands and heads touched on request. Because there were loads of noises coming from the corner of the room the group felt it could be the caretaker and attempted to communicate with him via the K2, Lesley explained that 'we were all Sat round a table in the corner and k2 went crazy as if he didn't want us there. Someone tried to sit with their back to the open cupboard door where many of the noises were coming from, but felt someone was watching him, so he moved and we all felt we were being watched from the doorway'. Most team leaders described the  Naughty boys corridor as extraordinary the same experiences with many guests feeling like they've  being touched in the cupboards, child's cries were said to have been heard, guests on lone vigils having their coats and hoods pulled, bangs heard from inside cupboards, moans heard. Loads of loud whistles heard.   Lesley and Wendy continued about their time in the naughty boys area someone reported seeing a shadow walk past the door, someone else was hit with a large piece of wood falling from the window, and a really loud whistle was heard. In response to this most people put the torches on as everyone freaked out. The group then moved into the ward area and had a table jumping all over the floor on carpet. Someone felt that we were being watched from the doorway the guests felt it was a male spirit moving the table. Rosey and Jill spoke about their time on the ground floor wards when Keith and another group of ghost hunters were calling out for activity when they heard an almighty bang from inside a locked cupboard to the groups excitement. Rosey mentioned that they had the spirit of a man called Ben come through to them and while using the Ovilus in the wards Lesley said that they made contact with a spirit called Ben via the phonetic mode when a lady asked who do you want to speak to the Ovilus said 'you' . It repeated it when asked again and this male spirit would only respond to this female guests questions. Once again the Liverpool Orphanage had not let us down with the spirit activity that we had noted, roll on our next visit on the 17th April 2015.