Ghost Hunting Event & Paranormal Ghost Hunt At Bolling Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire With Simply Ghost Nights, 2nd February 2013

We must start the blog with a thank you to Dave and his team for their help and assistance in ensuring the event ran smoothly and professionally. With a full house of excited to ghost hunters and a couple of sceptics as well would Bolling Hall provide any proof of spirit activity and an afterlife to any of our ghost hunters, the answer would be yes with mostly everyone experiencing something on a personal basis, however would the sceptics have their own minds changed regarding the existence of another realm after visiting the ghosts of Bolling hall With Simply Ghost Nights. In the large group vigil we held in the large downstairs room, we had to have two large circles for this opening séance due to the full house of eager ghost hunters. As we called out to the spirit world Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium said that there were two children moving around the group, and one of them was pushing a toy pram around the group. One of the sceptics declared that he could feel something tug at his clothes and that he could see a spirit child right in front of him, this was substantiated by numerous other ghost hunters who also claimed to have seen the white light. Also cold breezes and tapping was also reported in this vigil bearing in mind there was no noticeable breezes found on inspection. Another occurrence was two of our ghost hunters having to leave the room as they too felt the cold hands of a spirit child touch their own hands. At one point all three K2 meters were going off simultaneously to the excitement of our brave but nervous ghost hunters. With all this excitement it was decided to spilt up into smaller groups and delve into the murky past of haunted Bolling Hall. Without divulging names as requested two of the sceptics both confessed in shock that while participating with the scrying mirrors that on separate vigils that both their faces changed so graphically that one of the ghost hunters was speechless for about five minutes as to who he had changed to in the scrying mirror. In the cellars with Mark and Phil they spoke of how Colin one of our fearless ghost hunters heard a voice say 'who are you' through the sound enhances, and Stuart spoke of a vigil using the Franks box where a group of ghost hunters all heard their names called out and the word Bolling was also heard. Rosey spoke in detail of how in one of her vigils they experienced some fantastic table tipping so vigorous that it had the group of ghost hunters so enthralled as they held their fingers ever so slightly on the table. Treena also commented that in one of her vigils she too had experienced some great table tipping too. With tapping on request and the K2 meters spiking on request it was on the whole another successful night at the haunted Bolling Hall, and we look forward to our return on the 12 th of October 2013.