Ghost Hunting Events At Margam Castle, 10th April 2015, With Simply Ghost Nights

The Simply Ghost Nights team were really excited to be going to Wales to Margam castle, the building stands majestically in Margam Park looking out towards Port Talbot. On our previous events at Margam castle they have been nothing short of phenomenal with the amount of paranormal activity our brave ghost hunters have witnessed.    After a brief welcome to our guests it was time to take part in the group vigil which was quite active with three K2 meters spiking and many of the guests reporting being touched and hearing the sounds of footsteps from an adjoining room. On investigation no one was in the   adjoining room. With all this we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate Margam castle.    Rosey and Lesley spoke of a vigil in the Welcome Room where they heard a few taps on request on the table, they then moved into Foyer next door where the table commenced moving very slowly between guests and loud footsteps were heard moving around and the group made contact with a female who worked in the house via the glass.    Jez mentioned a vigil in the Nursery where a group of ghost hunters made contact via the glass with a child called Emily, Emily kept the group enthralled by answering yes and no to the groups questions. On a bizarre note unbeknown until the following day both Stuart and Jez actually described the identical girl Emily coming through to our ghost hunters in two separate vigils and in the Nursery.    Also in the Nursery Lesley and Rosey elucidated on a strange vigil with noises heard outside in the corridor as if someone was watching and didn't want to come in and the group felt they had children with them in the room and they appeared playful as the stroked several people's legs including Rosey's and Lesley's. In addition guests  had their hair stroked and backs of hands too and the table was rocking and taps on request. Shadows of child height seen moving along one wall by a number of guests and the group all felt as if someone was in the room watching them from the corner and the group could see no ones faces around the table anymore.   On the First Floor Rosey and Lesley reported a vigil  where they had lots of noises from corners of the room including a stone thrown which Jez's group had also experienced in an earlier vigil. Lesley continued that Burt the bear was quite happily communicating with the spirit  children and furthermore the group experienced a few moans that were heard in the room and footsteps.   Jez described a vigil in the Drawing room where a number of guests considered that they had being touched and Jez went on further to say that the group also had a spirit of a boy come through via the glass. The group ascertained that the boy was called Stephen and he worked in the castle, the group were captivated by this Q & A.   Stuart described a vigil in the Upstairs rooms where guests made contact with a gentleman spirit called Lew, Lew could only answer via yes and no as he could read or write and the group asked Lew questions which he responded via yes and no, and one of the guests while sat with an Ovilus actually heard the name Lew when it was on Phonetic mode. In the vigil room Lesley and Rosey described how the K2's spiked on request when asked and while using the glass the group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with a boy and girl who persistently touched two of groups back of their hands.   After such an eventful ghost hunt at Margam castle the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait for our return on the 17th October 2015.