Ghost Hunting Events At Ryecroft Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights, 13th December 2014

This blog is about our ghost hunting event at one of Manchester's most haunted locations Ryecroft hall, we have been to Ryecroft Hall on at least fifteen occasions and the spirits from there usually don't let our ghost hunters down with the level of paranormal activity that we have witnessed, and once again the ghostly inhabitants of Ryecroft hall did not let us down.   The night started with a group vigil in the main hall downstairs before our brave ghost hunters embarked on their journey for any messages from the other side and activity too.   In the group vigil Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium made spirit contact with three spirit children who he said were watching the group and walking around the room at a pace, a number of ghost hunters spoke out that they had felt as if their hands had been touched by small childlike hands and another two ghost hunters also indicated that they also felt as though a child had pulled on their trousers legs pulled. Guests also complained of feeling cold draughts in the warm room with no discernible draughts coming into the room this in itself was strange, with guests adding that they could hear tapping when the group asked too it was indeed a good start to the night, would the spirits continue in this vein of attempting to converse with our brave ghost hunters.   Jez and Stuart spoke of a table tipping experiment in the ballroom where the table moved between all the ghost hunters on request, and a number of guests also claimed to have see the figure of a woman through the night vision goggles.   Rosey and Lesley described how the table rocked backwards and forwards in the main room downstairs to the delight of the participating group who only had their finger tips on the table. Lesley added that during a Ouija board session the group were contacted by Maureen, a spirit who has made her presence known on previous investigations.   Chris and Sam spoke of a vigil in the cellars where a group were using the Franks box where a number of guests  clearly heard their names repeated back through the franks box and this was also repeated with Stuart and Jez in the cellars too where the word cellars was heard as well.   Phil, Treena and Cassie described a vigil in the wedding room where a group of ghost hunters had some brilliant  tapping on the table and K2 spiking as well on request, Phil  also outlined a Ouija board session where the spirit of a former soldier who had been posted at Ryecroft hall during the Great war.   As the night ended on a high for all the groups with so much activity been noted it was definitely a fantastic night of paranormal activity for our ghost hunters