Ghost Hunting Events At The Real Mary Kings Close, Edinburgh, Scotland, 30th May 2015

How exciting were the Simply Ghost Nights team let alone our ghost hunting guests to be allowed to ghost hunt at such a world renowned location as Mary Kings Close. This whole area had once been a hive of houses, shops and people, would the same people return to Mary Kings Close to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.   After our guests had participated in a tour of the location by the ever obliging staff of the Mary Kings Close it was time to attempt spirit contact with former residents and workers of the location.   In the street itself a guest saw an apparition walk into a doorway and vanish and a guest called Hannah claimed that she could hear children's voices with sound enhancers. In Mr. Chesney's house room, Rosey spoke of strange tapping on request coming from the toilet area in the house and a guest claimed to have heard children talking too, could these have been the same spirit children Hannah had also heard. When using the Ovilus in Mr. Chesney's house Rosey spoke of how the words 'Lick' and 'Wall' were spelled out on the Ovilus, the importance of this was when you realise that to actually lick the wall would lead to arsenic poisoning and death, was spirit wanting our guests to die and join him to haunt the corridors, streets, and rooms of Mary Kings Close. for eternity.   Also in the same room Jez and Stuart experienced the K2 spiking literally on request, nothing was happening and it was mentioned that the group should move on to another area when the K2 suddenly blipped into life, as if the spirits were saying don't leave us. The group recognised that when they asked for 'yes' to a question the K2 would spike and for the answer 'no' the K2 would stay dormant. The group ascertained that theyu were indeed communicating with Mr. Chesney who the house was named after. By this means of communication the group learned that Mr. Chesney liked all the group bar Simply Ghost Nights Stuart when they asked if he liked Stuart. In The Generator room Lesley and two guests said that they felt a cold draught move right over their knees and then the K2 spiked at the same time. Yet again Rosey and Lesley described that a Scottish spirit refused to interact on the Franks box who obviously did not want to talk to the English. The spirit called Brett a English guest a knob twice and called Lesley a bitch and told Hannah to literally f@@@ off and the C word was also uttered from the Franks box.Used the C word.   Every time the group asked a question it said no and wouldn't even say his name and also a females voice swore at the our guests too. Every time a swear word was said the K2 spiked to red at the same time to the utter disbelief of the whole group. In Annie's room  Lesley and another guest felt sick as soon as they walked in so had to sit outside the room, when using Burt the Bear he interacted with a child spirit who kept touching his hand  and liked tickling his tummy. Loud taps were another occurrence that was heard in the corner of the kitchen area. Jez and Stuart reported in The Picture Gallery Room that taps were heard on the wall and footsteps were heard from another room next door, which is almost the same as Rosey reported in the same area.    In The Ghost Room Lesley reported a K2 spiking to red and answering 'yes' and 'no' questions. The spirit claimed to be the spirit of Alexander Cant the man who was murdered by his mother in law, via the K2. Lesley was sat on her own at the opposite end of the room and when Rosey asked if we should move to cowshed Lesley and a number of guests heard a very loud 'mmmmm' behind them as if  the spirit was confirming that they should. Also three K2's were spiking to red simultaneously in different areas of the ghost room.   With guests feeling  as if they had their hair touched and cold breezes Mary Kings Close had certainly not disappointed us or our ghost seeking guests. This is one venue that the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait to return to.