Ghost Hunt Events At Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights, 12th December 2014

Simply Ghost Nights returned to The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre in search of ghostly contact and one things for sure we certainly did. The event began with a grouip vigil in the old court room and in this vigil most of the group complained of seeing dark shapes moving around the room and even in the circle of the group, one ghost hunter exclaimed that she had her hat pulled down over her face. Another ghost hunter said that they felt as though a pair of handcuffs had been physically put on their wrist. We also experienced the K2 going off on request and tapping too. With all this at the start of the night we could not wait to commence our ghost hunt at Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre.    Rosey Lesley and Sam spoke of a vigil in the theatre where a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a gentleman ghost via the Ouija board, through yes and no the group realised they were indeed speaking to Freddie, on a number of previous occasions we have had Freddie manifest himself on past investigations. Freddie then copied the bangs and taps that the group tapped out on the table to copy them.   Then once again when requested Freddie tipped the table on to two legs, this was a shock to the group who all could clearly see each others fingers on the table. To the squeals of delight the table moved to each person on the table.   In the cells with Jez, Gaz and Stuart and a group of ghost hunters were stood around the table calling out  with Gaz in one corner, Stuart in a different corner when in his own words Jez who was stood in the doorway explains what he felt happened to him  ' I was pushed in the back by something going into the cell - no-one was close enough or in the right position to do it'. The strange thing was Jez actually asked who had pushed him as the push on his back was so strong, was this a spirit barging it's way past Jez.   Also Jez, Gaz and Jason commented that the l ight increased and decreased at the end of the passage way for no reason and with no one else down there to shine a torch or turn a light on. This also coincided with the group hearing the occasional knock and bang from the other end of the passage.   Rosey also spoke of a Franks box session when in the former court room the words court and jail were heard, and yes when the group asked if this was Freddie they were communicating with.   Jez described in a vigil in the theatre-court room one corner near the chairs always darkened so you could not see chairs or people then lightened up again. When using the Franks box in the room it was excellent with both Kerry's name been repeated as was Jane's. In this vigil Freddie a spirit we have encountered on many occasions made his presence known by entertaining the group with some amazing table tipping and tapping.   Once again we were beaten by the clock and what an eventful night it had been with so many guests seeing dark entities walking around the theatre in the group vigil and the distinct tapping as well, and the table work too.