Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt At Ripon Workhouse Museum, 30th April 2016

Once again Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of our favourite locations The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum on the 30th April 2016. Ripon Workhouse is one of the most haunted venues that we hold ghost hunting events at. With this in our minds it was with great anticipation that the night started with a brief chat and discussion about how the night would run and the equipment that our guests could use on an investigation. After the chat with our guests it was time for the investigation to start.
In a vigil with Hannah and Martin in the upstairs room Martin described how a group of ghost hunters were enthralled when the table tipped and rocked between all of the group and a guest claimed to have heard the words 'having fun' with the sound enhances on, no other guest had uttered those words.
Rosey and Lesley described a vigil in the Nurses area  where the table had knocks and bangs on request and how the table lurched from one side to another, and  via the Ouija board the  group made contact with a spirit who could not spell and could only answer yes and no, however the group gleamed that the spirit was a man and that he had fell on unfortunate times during his life. He also hated the workhouse and had actually died there.
In the Morgue area with Jez and Stuart a group were using the Franks box when a number of the guests heard their names and one poor guest was called a b@st@rd, and one of the female girls was called a bitch to the groups amusement. Also in the cell areas nearby a number of guests were using the Ouija board and made contact with a child spirit called Elsa who had endured a sad life at the Workhouse.
Strangely enough all groups spoke of some excellent table work in the upstairs room and the kitchen area too.