Ghost Hunting Blog At St. John's Hall Museum, Warwick, With Simply Ghost Nights, 20th June 2015

After a brief introduction and health and safety it was time to begin the ghost hunt at St. John's Museum. We started with a group vigil in the foyer area and instantly guests were claiming to have seen a shadow towards the glass cabinets and a couple of our ghost hunters mentioned that they felt as though they had been touched on the hands and one said she felt as if her jumper had been tugged. With so much going on it was decided that we should break up into smaller groups and begin our ghost hunting experience at Warwick's most haunted venue.    In the cellars Rosey and Lesley described how a table was rocking and really loud taps on the table on request occurred as well and strange green and white light anomalies were also seen by all the guests to everyone's amazement. However for Rosey and Lesley the best was to come a white light kept appearing then disappearing through the floor as well as the Rem pod going off regularly around various parts of the cellar and then footsteps were heard as well as voices in the cellars and considering Stuart and Jez were in a separate part of the building who or what could have made them voices as no one was outside either.    A shadow was seen pacing up and down the side of the cellar where Lesley and numerous guests noticed it on the wall and it kept appearing and disappearing. The highlight for Rosey  was when Lesley was pulled backwards that forcefully that she almost fell over after emitting a scream too. In Lesley's words  'I fell onto the table trying to gain my balance. my tee shirt was pulled away from my back the tug was so strong. After I got over the shock I went and stood in the same place and got a hard poke in the base of my spine. I went and stood next to Rosey where I admitted I was frightened for the first time ever'.   Stuart and Jez reported a vigil in the attic where a group of ghost hunters attempted table tapping with some great results where each tap they did was mimicked identically to the ones they had tapped. As well as this the group had a go at table tipping, the table didn't tip as such but the table rocked between each guest on request.   In another vigil in the cellars with Rosey and Lesley the group managed to make contact with the male spirit who tried to pull Lesley over in the first vigil. He was quite happy to bang loudly on the table and answer yes/no questions. He admitted it was him who pulled Lesley and frightened her and his intention was to pull me onto the floor. All participants considered it a very eerie and tense atmosphere throughout the vigil and noises were heard from several parts of the cellar as well as shuffling feet and cold draughts.   Stuart and Jez spoke of a vigil in the kitchen although fairly quiet regarding table work the K2's seemed to spike on request and the sound of really loud shuffling of boots was heard from the adjoining room, on inspection no one was there as the other groups were in the cellars and upstairs, the staff were still in their office too.   All in all it was a pretty eventful night for the team and all our ghost hunting guests.