Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt Blog From Ryecroft Hall, 2nd October 2015

Ghost hunts at Ryecroft Hall is one of the best venues to hold a paranormal investigation, because the building is so vast with a countless corridors, rooms, and cellars to investigate. We were joined by TV's Mark Jenkins from Channel fours TV series the Hotel at Ryecroft Hall, who had never visited Ryecroft hall and much like ourselves was totally in awe of the place. We began our night  by holding hands in a large circle calling out for spirit activity, we had strategically placed two K2 meters in the centre of our circle of courageous ghost hunters when one of the K2 meters begun to spike through it's full spectrum of colours to the delight of the group. Stuart brought forward the spirit of a female who was seen by Stuart to be standing by the fireplace. There were slight taps in response to yes/no questioning technique. In a vigil led by Gaz and Kev the group assembled around the Ouija table but got little response. One of the group attempt scrying at the end of ballroom and reported that her face changed to that of an older woman, who was smiling widely and bearing all of her teeth. She said that the image felt quite menacing The body of the group was later joined by Rosey and Mark Jenkins when we practiced the Victorian experiment of table tipping. Whilst the table did not tip it certainly responded to the calling out of the name 'Emily' a known child in visitation to the hall. The table proceeded to move around the ballroom and subsequently forced each guest in turn to have to sit down as it moved around the area. The child spirit had quite exhausted guests in this game apparently being played with them. In another vigil led by Chris and Sammy the group congregated around the large table whilst Chris and Sammy opened up the circle for spirit activity. 2 guests attempted glass divination whilst the remainder asked spirit to communicate via the K2. K2 activity proved very responsive to the group. In addition to this, Rosey and Mark joined to group, to which proved extremely productive with regards to spirit board activity and frank box outcomes. Kev & Gaz assembled their second group in the cellers. There was quite a bit of K2 activity in the former communications room in response to questions in connection with World War 1. Kev sensed the presence of a male spirit who was reluctant to come forwards. The group was assembled around a large slab and 3 guests used the Tibetan Singing Bowl and this seemed to generate a stronger response on the K2 meter. When one of the guests asked "do you want us here, if its 'no' can you light all the lights," immediately the meter went to red. During the latter half of the vigil the group moved to another area within the cellars and experimented with table tipping. Highly energised as this group was in their calling out to move the table, they were not disappointed. With another group of guests Gaz & Kev lead a vigil in which glass divination threw up some interesting bits about the former inhabitants of Ryecroft Hall. The vigil led by guests Joanne and Helen learned of the presence of 2 spirits one a child aged 8 and the other a woman called Maureen. The child spirit informed us that she was at Ryecroft Hall during the war when it was a hospital and also had a brother and sister in spirit with her, although they were not present. Guests reported cold spots around the hands and feet during the vigil and the recorded temperature of the room was around 27 degrees. When measured there was 7-8 degree differential downwards of the ambient room temperature. Once again we were beaten by the clock and we sadly had to bring the event to a close, so our goodbyes to the spirits of Ryecroft Hall, and our brave ghost hunters, we all went home looking forward to our next visit to Ryecroft Hall on the 5 th  December 2015. Once again we would like to thank Colin at Ryecroft Hall for all your help in making sure our night ran smoothly and Mark Jenkins for being such a super star on the night. Hooray!