Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ Clifton Park, 3rd February 2018

Simply Ghost Nights were honoured to be the first ever company to be asked to hold an event at Clifton Park museum, with this at the forefront of our minds for example would the spirits know or want to communicate with our guests. We would soon find out.

With a full house of ghost hunters all prepared and ready to investigate Clifton Park what strange occurrences would occur?

In a vigil on the top floor guests reported seeing a child’s face reflecting through one of the display cabinets and on further inspection no face was there to see. Ghost hunters also commented on hearing a child’s voice when wearing the sound enhances in this area too.

Unbeknown to two groups the name Joshua came through via the spirit box and also on the Ouija board in one of the top floor room as well. Excellent table and glass work was recorded in most vigil areas that we investigated and some team leaders in addition described table tapping and table tipping in some of the vigils.

Footsteps were also heard approaching where teams were investigating from the empty corridors and on looking who was in the corridors no one was to be found in the vicinity.

Most groups said that they had spikes on the K2’s and MEL meters in other r opinion the night was a success with the amount of activity that was noted and we cannot wait to return.