Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt Gainsborough Old Hall, 15th April 2017

Simply Ghost Nights returned to Gainsborough Old Hall for a ghost hunting event at Gainsborough's premier haunted location. It was our return to this amazing location for about four years and what a return it was. After a short and concise chat regarding how the night would pan out, it was then for the ghost hunting adventure to start.

Mark, Martin and Phil described a vigil in the top room where a group of ghost hunters experienced glass work and made contact with a male spirit called James. In the kitchen Stuart and Jez spoke of how their group in the kitchen communicated with a male spirit called Oliver who's job it was to stand guard in the kitchen making sure the kitchen staff didn't steal any food.

Rosey and Lesley talked about a vigil in the main hall where guests were entertained in a table tipping experiment, Rosey did say that the table moved between all the guests and some of the tapping was really loud too.

Cassie, Julie and Sue also had an amazing vigil in the main hall with the table tipping between all the guests and lifting onto two legs as well. As well as this all team leaders reported other phenomena such as crystal pendulums responding to spirit activity, spirit box interaction with guests having names repeated and yes and no to their questions as well.

All in all the spirits had not forgot how to enthrall our guests after a four year absence.