Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ Hodroyd Hall, 19th May 2018

Like a scene from The Woman In Black Hodroyd Hall, Wakefield appears to have been been derelict for a generation or two, just slightly better than a gaunt shell of a mansion.

Where there was still glass it was grey with the grime of twenty years. Some areas a time capsule of sorts, the lives of the inhabitants preserved.

Simply Ghost Nights were privileged to be the first company to bring Hodroyd Hall to the paranormal world and along with many excited guests (many local to the Hall) we simply could not wait to get started.

We split up into four groups and each group ventured off in different directions.

Up in the Attic one group reported seeing shadows fleeting around, which was strange as there were no windows and we were in the dark. One lady reported feeling as if someone had poked her in the back, and more than one guest reported their equipment/Torches etc was draining batteries must faster than it should in fact in less than one hour.

Another group which were in the Cromwell Room were delighted when the spirits communicated via the glass, and table. One lady become so unwell in this room she felt the need to take time out from the vigil which did help her in no time at all.

In the living room more than one group made contact with the spirit of a man named Eric who claimed to be that of a civil soldier who was gunned down in the area outside the house, there is a reported battlefield adjoining the house we have since learned. Eric was very good at communicating and came through more than once on our night.

Some of our team and guests were spending the whole night at the Hall and after the event, all went off to try and sleep, but also aware something could quite well awake them in the night. But the spirits of Hodroyd Hall had decided we had enough excitement for one night and left us in peace.

Overall a fantastic night and a great location.

We will return hopefully in a few months.