Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ Leeds Town Hall, 24th March 2018

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ever investigation at Leeds Town Hall, which had served as the city’s Police station, law courts and holding cells in the Victorian times so with this in mind it was hopefully going to be a night to remember.

In the Victorian cells guests recounted seeing white lights from one of the corridors and furthermore hearing loud footsteps and the flashing balls were going off in one of the empty corridors on numerous occasions.

The theatre was also heralded a few surprises with dark shadows spotted moving around and yet again footsteps were heard in an area where no one was. In an addition table tapping proved a success in the theatre with a few groups commenting that they had encountered table tapping and ouija board communication.

The K2’s and R.E.M. pods proved invaluable pieces of equipment with both getting excellent results in a number of vigils.

After the event the Simply Ghost Nights all spoke of how they thought the night had been pretty much active and one were looking forward to revisiting again at a later date.