Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ Ripon Workhouse Museum, 1st April 2017

For our brave ghost hunters this ghost hunting event at The Ripon Workhouse Museum was certainly no April Fools full of jokes. The event began with a short talk and then it was time to invite the spirits to communicate with our group of ghost hunters.
In the welcome room Cassie and Sue described how while having a go at table tipping the table moved slowly from side to side between all those seated at the table, as well as this Sue added that the K2 spiked as well.
Emma and Julie also mentioned table tipping and glass work in the Governors room with many in the group commentating about temperature fluctuations.
Jez and Lesley spoke of a vigil in the nurses room where guests had their names imitated on the spirit box and Jez went onto say that the Mel meter had indeed picked up temperature deviations too.
In the Vagrants bedrooms Hannah and Martin reported table tapping in the morgue and guests hearing tapping on request in many of the bedrooms as well. 
Once again the spirits of The Ripon Workhouse Museum had made their existence known to our ghost hunters.