Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Main Block, 13th January 2018

Simply Ghost Nights made its trip to one of the most active locations in our calendar and fortunately for SGN it’s totally exclusive to our company. 

On the top floor our guests experienced table tipping and some fantastic tapping on the table too. The R.E.M. pods proved a successful addition to the investigation as they were inexplicably been alarmed out by the spirit world almost on request.

In one instance we had two K2 meters on a table one for yes and one for no and asked a series of questions and each K2 spiked for differing yes and no answers to our questions.

During an ouija board session guests were enthralled to have made contact with a former female resident of the Workhouse called Rebecca, who answered yes and no to our guests questions.

Duly again the residents of the Workhouse certainly made their presence known to our ghost hunters.