Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt Ryecroft Hall, 7th May 2016

After a brief welcome chat it was with a full house of ghost hunters all eager and ready to investigate Ryecroft Hall on a ghost hunting event. 

Hannah and Martin mentioned a vigil in the Ballroom while attempting table tipping the table slid gently between all participants on the table with each guest having their finger tips slightly on the table. In this vigil the group attempted a human pendulum where two ghost hunters were getting moved backwards and forwards by spirit to the group questions.
Sue and Cassie described a vigil in the Wedding room where a number of guests seemed to be affected by the spirits in the room where many of them felt cold and then warm, also in this vigil Sue spoke of how on a number of occasions the K2 spiked.
It was also in the Wedding room where Stuart and Jez spoke of how the REM pod alarmed out in the same corner that a number of guests witnessed a dark shadow of man there.
Rosey and Lesley noted that a vigil in the Main room a group of ghost hunters were delighted to experience table work and glass work, Rosey also pointed out that the group could hear tapping on request from the next room and placed a trigger object that on inspection was found to have moved with no one entering the room later.
Sarah and Morgan retold how when using the Ovilus a group heard some of their names repeated back to them, and the word soldier was also said from the Ovilus as well. 
Drops in temperature recorded by the temperature guns and Jez's Mel meter also occurred in the Ballroom with Sarah and Morgan as well as fluctuations with the REM pods too.