Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ St. Catherine's Former Hospital, 22nd April 2017

As investigations go this one at St. Catherine's was up there with the amount of activity that was recorded and witnessed by team and guests a like.
In the red room Cassie and Susan noted that a group of guests made spirit contact with a female nurse called Gladys who claimed via yes and no on the Ouija board that she lived in Doncaster and had been a nurse when the building had been a mental institution. Cassie added that Gladys would make the K2's spike and one of the Mel meters as well.
Rosey and Lesley commented that in the cellars guests described been touched and that the group also made ghostly contact with a male spirit called Norman via the glass.
Stuart and Jez described a vigil in the kitchen where guests were impressed to see temperature fluctuations on the Mel meter and also making a spirit connection via the spirit box.
Hannah and Martin detailed an account of guests communicating with the spirits of St. Catherine's via table tapping and tipping in the welcome room. A number of groups also recorded K2 spikes, table tipping in numerous vigils too.