Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ Tapton Hall, 20th January 2018

What can we say about our first ever ghost hunt at Tapton Hall, amazing, fantastic the list of superlatives can go on for ever.

On reflection this investigation was one of the best we had seen for some time and that’s saying something.

The amount of knocking and tapping on request and tables actually moving by themselves with no one touching them was quite simply astounding. Team reported successful vigils using glass and table work, spirit box validation via names been repeated that were requested by our guests.

In the main hall two groups noted that the table moved with no one touching it to all of the witnesses shock. Spikes were recorded on the K2s a number of times and a door alarm went off too with no one been at the door.

The human pendulum was also another of the spirits speaking to our guests by using them as a divination tool. With so much happening it was definitely worth the visit.