Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ The Abandoned Park Hotel, Morecambe, 7th April 2018

The abandoned hotel stands like a derelict beacon with it clearly one of the tallest buildings in Morecambe. Although not totally derelict the former hotel has seen better times in the past. However the present was what we were looking forward to holding a paranormal investigation at this myriad of rooms and corridors and staircases to investigate and find out who or what spirits used to work and dwell at the Abandoned Hotel in Morecambe.

The bedrooms were reportedly one of the most active with table tipping and tapping as well as glass work all been noted. The spirit of Geoff made himself known to the guests via the ouija board in one of the bedrooms. A guest described seeing a tall gentleman on the top floor then literally ghost out of sight.

The flashing balls were a winner with the spirits with them been triggered on a number occasions and the K2’s were once more spiking on request also. The spirit box came into its own with one of the guests called Matt saying he’d been dragged there but upon hearing his name repeated back from the spirit box Matt exclaimed that he was now a believer in the afterlife.

The cellars provided even more validation of spirit activity with the flashing balls going off on command and a successful attempt of interaction via the Ouija board with a spirit called Roger making himself known to the guests in that vigil.

The Abandoned Hotel had proven a big success in the recorded occurrences of ghostly activity and we cannot wait to return on the 30th June 2018.