Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts 30 East Drive, Pontefract, 14 September 2012

30 East drive in Pontefract had for many years been synonymous with terror, fear and with the reputation of being the most haunted house in the U.K. Simply Ghost Nights we’re excited to be one of first companies to investigate this semi detached house by the producer of the film When The Lights Went Out and owner of the house.
From the outside 30 East Drive is your typical 1950’s/1960’s three bedroom council house nothing out of the ordinary just like been at your grandmas in all honesty. However what separates this normal council house from any other council house is the legend of a ghostly monk who supposedly manifested himself in the 1970’s and allegedly terrified the family living there and took exception to the families teenage daughter.
Without any evidence of a monastery ever been built in the area and the alleged monks attacks on the family the only circumstantial evidence of any paranormal activity the Simply Ghost Nights were intrigued to be allowed to investigate the notorious 30 East Drive. With the reputation as the most haunted house in the U.K. what kind of activity would we experience.
To put it bluntly we experienced very little activity except interference from one of the neighbours who came incessantly came into our investigations to inform us that her house was indeed more haunted than the alleged most haunted house in the U.K.