Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Bolling Hall, With simply Ghost Nights, 23rd January 2016

Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Bolling Hall, With simply Ghost Nights, 23rd January 2016

Simply Ghost Nights were once again privileged to be holding a public paranormal investigation at Bolling Hall in Bradford, which is one of the most beautiful buildings to investigate in Britain. It is also the home of the very first ever recorded ghost sighting in 1643.

Our evening commenced with a group vigil where our brave ghost hunters were shocked when two of the K2 meters spiked simultaneously, a number of guests claimed to have heard tapping on request on a table in the room too.

We decided at this point to split into smaller groups and investigate the spectral world of Bolling Hall and attempt to communicate with the former inhabitants of this splendid building.

In a vigil in the dining room a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with a male spirit called Henry via the ouija board, Henry interacted with the group and answered many of the groups questions with yes and no. He told us he'd worked at the Hall in the 1790's and that he'd also been married and that they had nine children as well.

In the kitchen one of our groups witnessed a table tipping experiment that had all the guests excited at the sheer speed the table moved along slowly on the stone floor, The team also mentioned that when using Bert the Boo Bear interactive bear a group of ghost hunters witnessed some great results with Bert, Bert's parameters change when affected by the the spirit world, much like a K2 meter. Other activity in the Kitchen also included Cold breezes experienced, and a light anomaly seen on someone's chest.

In a vigil in the dining room where a brave guest was verbally abused when using the Franks box, the words used to describe our guest are not appropriate for a ghost hunting blog, nevertheless the group enjoyed this episode with the Franks box.

Upstairs in the green room where a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with the spirit of a woman with the initial J, as the woman could not read or write she responded with yes and no via the glass. The group explained how every time they tried to put their hands on the table, it moved. So they had to refrain from touching it as table tipping upstairs is no longer allowed due to the damage to the floors in the past. The group did say it was almost as if the lady preferred to be moving the table than answering questions.. Maybe because she was unable to spell we will never know.
In the Red room a group decided to sit on the floor with their feet under the huge Red four poster bed as this has attracted activity in the past, many of the group reported feeling as if their legs were heavy and and if someone was touching them which freaked one or two guests out. There was also a rather loud sigh heard by the group which almost everyone heard but no one apparently owned it.  It was most definitely a lady.  

With so much activity recorded yet again at Bolling Hall it really is a pleasure to communicate with the spirits who lived and worked there many years ago.