Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Bolling Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights, 26th March 2016

Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Bolling Hall, 26th March 2016

Simply Ghost Nights ventured to the ghostly world of Bolling Hall for a ghost hunting event on the 26th March, with a full house of ghost hunters all excited about what night held for them.
In the Main hall Cassie and Sue described a vigil in where a group made spirit contact with a female spirit as did Jez and Stuart's vigil in this area. Jez did add that the group had tapping on the table as well.
A number of guests reported seeing a full blown apparition in the Blue bedroom in two separate vigils as well, Rosey and Lesley commented on how a number of guests saw a light analomy in the Blue room which moved about four feet then disappeared in front of their eyes.
Sarah and Lisa spoke of a vigil in the kitchens where a group of ghost hunters successfully attempted a table tipping experiment where the table moved between the ghost hunters on the table. In the same vigil Stuart and Jez also mentioned that a group of guests made ghostly contact via table tipping and table tapping in the Kitchen area.
Martin and Hannah mentioned that in the Red room some of the guests had their feet under the bed, when a number of them complained of been touched on their legs or feet, remarkably Jez and Cassie both described the same occurrence happening in their vigils in the Red room.  
With some ghost hunters hearing voices down in the cellars as well Bolling Hall lived up to it's haunted reputation.