Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Darlington Civic Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights, 23rd August 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost hunt at Darlington Civic Theatre and one we were excitedly looking forward to attempt to communicate with the spirits of Darlington Civic Theatre. We commenced the ghost night with a group vigil on the stage, Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium said that he could see the ghostly spirit of a gentleman watching from the auditorium, the group beckoned the gentleman spirit to come towards the stage to communicate with them. After a few seconds Kerry, Jade and Janice both said that they could see a figure of a man with a flat cap on the far side of the stage. Stuart said that the spirit gentleman was called Jim but preferred to be called Jimbo. The group encouraged Jimbo to make his presence known to the group, Alice and Nicky both said that they felt as though something had touched them, at almost the same time a loud bang was heard from the back of the stage to the groups shock, on further inspection there was no reason for the banging to have occurred, and the noise was never repeated again during the course of the night. Some of our ghost hunters claimed to have heard frequent tapping and yet again the cause of the tapping was never found. Also we had some really good K2 spiking as well while we were on the stage. We eventually decided to commence the remainder of the night into smaller groups. Rosey and Lesley both spoke of a vigil in the stage area where they had three guests feel sick in the same room at different times without each other knowing about the other guests feeling sick. The group also had lots of taps on the table and the table lifted at one side as well. Stuart and Jez mentioned that in the auditorium several guests insisted that they had seen the figure of a man only a number of rows in front of them both Steven and Ashley both said that they heard a gruff laugh bellow out from the area as well. Also Steven and Ashley also spoke of how they heard their own names mentioned from the Franks box, and when they asked the name of the spirit who spoke via the Franks box they heard the name Eric to their amazement. In the auditorium with Rosey and Lesley the whole group heard scraping along the back wall of Signor Pepi's (the first owner of the theatre)  box in the theatre while playing Anna Pavlovas dying Swan which was one of his favourite songs. The group also heard movement on the stage like furniture being moved around. Rosey went on the stage to investigate and heard nothing. Jez said he heard the same coming from the stage in his vigil with Stuart. In the Welcome Room all teams reported taps on the table on request as well the table moving very slightly and Lesley said that during a glass divination experiment they made spirit contact with a spirit called Gordon who informed the group that he had passed over at the age of 67 years old and Lesley also stated that Gordon was a bit of a joker too. As the event drew to a close we all agreed that the spirits had entertained us and had truly performed for our brave ghost hunters, and we look forward to our next event at the Darlington Civic Theatre.